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The following PRT score calculator is for informational purposes only and should not be used to calculate official scores. Accuracy can not be guaranteed, however the data used to calculate scores has been taken directly from the Navy Physical Readiness Program 2016. To report an issue with this page, Click here. 
*Please note that when entering the run time, the colon must be removed: Example 9:35 -> 935

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* When entering run time, omit the colon between minutes and seconds. Example 9:35 --> 935.
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(Last page update: 30 NOV 2017)

  • 30 NOV 2017 - Fixed an issue that incorrectly categorized some individual scores as "Excellent-High" rather than "Excellent-Good."
  • 29 NOV 2017 - Fixed an issue that would assign points when default ' 0 ' was left in an entry field.
  • 15 NOV 2017 - Added 55-59 age group to calculations. Fixed an issue where scores would not appear.
  • 04 DEC 2016 - Fixed an issue with the 20-24-year-old female age group run time scores.
  • 25 NOV 2016 - Updated with the newer 2016 PRT scoring standards.
  • 18 NOV 2016 - Fixed an issue where not all scores could be Maximum.
  • 23 NOV 2015 - Added age groups for 45+ years old.

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