Navy Options




The goal of the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program is to train and develop knowledgeable leaders who possess a basic professional background and are motivated toward careers in the naval service. Unique to the Navy, many NROTC graduates will be required to assume command responsibilities and lead a division of well-trained sailors immediately once he or she reports to the fleet.


The mission of Navy Option Training is to support the goal of commissioning well-prepared midshipmen who are ready for the challenges and demands they will face as junior officers. Midshipmen gradually acquire the skills and knowledge required to become an Ensign in the United States Navy over the course of their time in the NROTC program. The Navy Option training is designed to supplement the fundamental NROTC leadership and technical curriculum as well as the summer cruises in educating midshipmen on their potential career opportunities as a Naval officer.

Naval Orientation Lab is a once-a-week, classroom-based training in which midshipmen are given the opportunity to participate in community service events, weapons familiarization, maritime ship simulator, fire fighting introduction, and damage control introduction. Throughout each year, various presentations are given by local officers and enlisted sailors who can provide insight into the various naval service communities including; Surface Warfare, Aviation, Special Operations, Nuclear Power, and Submarine Warfare. The goal of Naval Orientation Lab training is to ensure that every midshipman can make an informed decision in choosing a warfare specialty upon their graduation from the University of Nebraska NROTC battalion and to enter the fleet as capable and well-educated naval officers.