N-Card Access in Temple Building


1. Access to the CAD Lab is granted through Design Faculty/Instructors only. Each faculty member has forms for you to complete and leave in Brad Buffum's mailbox in Temple 215.

2. Access to exterior doors will generally not be granted. The faculty expect that students will conduct necessary business and studies during regular business hours.

In any case, Temple Building closes to all student activity at 11:00 p.m. If you believe you have reason to be in Temple Building beyond these hours, see Brad Buffum in Temple Room 109B.

CAD Lab Agreement:

1.I agree to use N-card access to CAD LAB only for myself. I will not admit anyone except myself.

2.I understand no food or drinks are allowed inside the CAD LAB.

3.I agree that any violation of this agreement will result in the immediate cancellation of N-card access to Temple Building and/or Temple Building Rooms, including this CAD LAB.

4.I agree to use CAD LAB computers ONLY for CAD work on production design and/or class work. I understand that other uses, including but not limited to: personal email, social networking, and gaming will result in loss of access.

N-Card Access

For CAD Lab: get a Student Agreement from a member of the D/T faculty, or print this one and take it to him/her.

Faculty/Staff: contact Brad Buffum.