Sense and Sensibility Cast List


Sense and Sensibility 

by Kate Hamill (based on the novel by Jane Austen)
Directed by Rafael Untalan

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Alura Long

Elinor Dashwood

Danielle Stolze

Marianne Dashwood

Gage Boardman (EMC)

Margaret Dashwood

Karen Sternberg  (AEA)

Mrs. Dashwood / Anne Steele

Toby James

John Dashwood

Annie McClory

Fanny (Ferrars) Dashwood

Eli Smith

Edward Ferrars

Domonique Champion  (AEA)

Colonel Brandon / Robert Ferrars

Lucas Jackson

John Willoughby

Ren DeFor

Sir John Middleton

Jackson Wells

Mrs. Jennings

Sydney Kwasa

Lucy Steele

Members of the Cast

Gossips, Servants, and Others

AEA - Appearing through an Agreement between this theatre, Nebraska Repertory Theatre, and Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.
*Nebraska Repertory Theatre Guest Artist
EMC - The Equity Membership Candidate Program (EMC) permits actors and stage managers in training to credit theatrical work in certain Equity theatres towards eventual membership in Equity.
First Rehearsal: August 21; Performances: September 28-October 7
Character Descriptions

Elinor Dashwood:  The eldest Dashwood sister; intelligent, sensible.

Marianne Dashwood: The middle Dashwood sister; sensitive, passionate.

Margaret Dashwood:  The youngest Dashwood sister; 10-13 years old.

Mrs. Dashwood: Mother to the Dashwood sisters; recently widowed.

John Dashwood:  Elder half-brother to the Dashwood sisters (from their father’s side); no blood relation to Mrs. Dashwood.  Not unkind, but easily led.

Fanny (Ferrars) Dashwood:  Wife to John Dashwood, sister to Edward and Robert.  Conniving, strong-willed, nasty.

Edward Ferrars:  Brother to Robert and Fanny; a gentleman, a bachelor.  Introverted, kind, earnest, awkward.

Robert Ferrars: Younger brother to Edward and Fanny; a callow young man.

Colonel Brandon:  middle-aged bachelor; worldly, honorable, loyal.

John Willoughby: a handsome and dashing young man

Sir John Middleton:  A jovial country gentleman, and distant relation to Mrs. Dashwood.

Mrs. Jennings:  A good-natured, boisterous woman; mother-in-law to Sir John, and terror to the countryside.

Lady Middleton: An over-bred lady

Lucy Steele:  A young girl with no fortune.

Anne Steele:  Lucy’s sister; indiscreet.

 Also, to be doubled with the cast:

Gossips 1- 5:  A chorus of high-society creatures; always watching, observing, judging, delighting.  “Not necessarily malicious.”

Servants, including Thomas.

A Doctor