Disability Services

Faculty/Staff Disability Services

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is committed to providing accommodations necessary to allow individuals with disabilities to effectively and safely function in the work environment.

Jill Flagel
Director of Faculty/Staff Disability Services
209 Teachers College Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0384
(402) 472-2322

Christy Horn
ADA/504 Compliance Officer
222 Varner Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0745
(402) 472-8404


Faculty/Staff Services

Protocol Statement

A faculty/staff member may request accommodation by contacting the ADA/504 Compliance Officer directly or an accommodation request may first be made to the supervisor who should facilitate communication with the ADA/504 Compliance Officer.

The ADA/504 Compliance Officer will request that the faculty/staff member provide current medical documentation, a list of anticipated accommodation needs and a current job description listing essential job duties.

The ADA/504 Compliance Officer will develop an accommodation plan that will be reviewed with the supervisor and faculty/staff member. The accommodation plan will be kept on file by the ADA/504 Compliance Officer and implemented by the supervisor.

As technological accommodations or medical conditions change, an individual accommodation plan may need to be revised. Revisions to the plan will be made by the supervisor and the faculty/staff member in consultation with the ADA/504 Compliance Officer.

The responsibility of the ADA/504 Compliance Officer is to ensure that accommodations are consistent across campus and within legal requirements. The Americans with Disabilities Act was designed to be flexible and specifics were left to be determined by judicial action; therefore, the definition of "reasonable accommodation" is contextual and subject to change. The ADA/504 Compliance Officer, in consultation with legal counsel and the affirmative action director, will make alterations in the protocol or individual accommodation plans as legal decisions/requirements dictate change.

Questions about this policy may be addressed to Christy Horn, ADA/504 Compliance Officer, 222 Varner Hall, 0745; V/TDD 472-8404; chorn1@nebraska.edu.

Revised 2009

Student Disability Services

Veva Cheney
Director of Services for Students with Disabilities
132 Canfield Administration Bldg
Lincoln, NE 68588-0401
(402) 472-3787

Interpreting Services

Barbara Woodhead
Assistant Director of Services for Students with Disabilities
132 Canfield Administration Bldg
Lincoln, NE 68588-0401
(402) 472-0054