ADA/504 Procedure for Identifying a Reasonable Accommodation

A faculty/staff member may request accommodation by contacting the ADA/504 Compliance Officer directly or an accommodation request may first be made to the supervisor, who should facilitate communication with the ADA/504 Compliance Officer.

The ADA/504 Compliance Officer will request that the faculty/staff member provide a medical release, a list of anticipated accommodation needs, and a current job description listing essential job duties.

A form will be sent to the faculty/staff member’s physician, psychologist, or other health care professional requesting assistance in the creation of an accommodation plan. Once the medical/psychological information is received, an accommodation plan is completed and discussed with the faculty/staff member and then sent to the supervisor for implementation.

As technological accommodations or medical conditions change, an individual accommodation plan may need to be revised. The supervisor and the faculty/staff member, in consultation with the ADA/504 Compliance Officer, will make revisions to the plan.

It is the responsibility of the ADA/504 Compliance Officer to ensure that accommodations are consistent across campus and with legal requirements. The Americans with Disabilities Act was designed to be flexible and specifics were left to be determined by judicial action. Therefore, the definition of “reasonable accommodation” is contextual and subject to change. The ADA/504 Compliance Officer, in consultation with legal counsel, will make alterations in this protocol or individual accommodation plans as legal decisions/requirements dictate change.

An individual with a disability is not required to accept an accommodation if the individual has not requested an accommodation and does not believe that one is needed. However, if the individual refuses an accommodation that is necessary to perform an essential job function and, as a result, cannot perform those functions, the individual runs the risk of not being considered qualified.