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Upcoming Events

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Legislative Assembly Meeting. 
The first Tuesday of every month 7:00 pm - Nebraska Union

Join us for our monthly business meetings where we discuss current issues and initiatives, resolutions, and upcoming events.


All Semester - Fun events on Both Campuses and around Lincoln
Check Back for More Details. Event planning in progress.

The GSA Social Events Committee welcomes your suggestions for future events.

Stay Informed!

There are several ways to stay informed with what is happening in the GSA.

GSA Listserv

To subscribe, send a plain text email to listserv@unl.edu. The body of the email must say in one line:
Subscribe UNL-GSA yourfirstname yourlastname


To receive updates about our upcoming events, join our Facebook group.

Campus & Department Reps

Talking with your campus and department representatives can be an informative and enjoyable experience! Find them at our monthly Legislative Assembly business meetings or email them to set up an appointment.

The GSA has made large strides since our inception in 2005 to improve graduate student life at UNL.

Recent accomplishments:
1. Worked with Graduate Studies to develop a funding source for travel grants for students through departments. 
2. Worked with the Parking Advisory Committee to make monthly payment of parking passes available to graduate students.
3. Worked with the Accounts and Billing Office to allow graduate students to pay their tuition and fees monthly rather than in a lump sum.

Even so, we have a long list of initiatives and goals we hope to achieve. Some of our current tasks include:

1. Creation of a University-wide Graduate Student Bill of Rights

2. Creation of University-wide Graduate Student Leave Policies

3. Improved Graduate Student Representation on University Committees

4. Developing a clear, University-wide understanding of Graduate Student Assistant (TA and RA) employment status.

If you are interested in learning more about what GSA has accomplished and what we are working on, check out our Achievements and Internal Committees pages.

If you have any questions on these items or have new issues for us to examine, feel free to contact us at gsa@unl.edu.

GSA Exec Committee Meeting GSA Exec Committee Meeting

Getting Involved

All UNL graduate students are automatically members of the GSA and are encouraged to attend any and all of our monthly meeting and social  events. Please suggest an event if you don't see it listed.

If you are interested in working "behind the scenes," be sure to check out our Open Positions page to discover which graduate student positions are open in GSA, in ASUN, and on various University committees.

If you just have a particular issue you would like us to look into, you are welcome to attend one of our monthly meetings or send us an email.

Become a Legislative Assembly Representative for your Department
Any graduate student can serve as a departmental representative to vote on issues that affect graduate students. To see the full list of requirements and benefits of the position and whether your department is represented, visit our department representatives page.

Become a Legislative Assembly Representative for your Campus
Any graduate student can run for a campus representative position. These members are voted on by the legislative assembly and serve all the duties of a departmental representative and a few extra duties, like sitting on one of our committees. To see the full list of requirements and benefits of the position and whether your department is represented, visit our campus representatives page.

Serve on one of our Standing Committees
Any graduate student can serve on one of our committees to find solutions to graduate student issues or plan future GSA events. This is a great networking opportunity for graduate students across both campuses. See if there are any committees you would be interested in joining.

Attend Monthly Meetings
Every graduate student is welcome to attend our monthly Legislative Assembly Meetings. This is where you will learn the details of our initiatives and upcoming events. If you'd like to speak at one of our meetings, send us an email.

GSAW Committee Meeting GSAW Committee Meeting GSAW Committee Meeting