Meeting Attendance

Meeting Attendance


Department/Program Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
President Da Silva P
Executive Vice President Clausen P
Vice President of Student Affairs Reilly P
Vice President of Representation Poudel P
Vice President of Finance Twedt P
Academic Affairs Co-Chair Martin P
Academic Affairs Co-Chair Ziara P
Quality of Life Co-Chair Judkins P
Quality of Life Co-Chair Rodene P
Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair Gupta P
Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair Jackson E
GTAP Co-Chair Brown P
GTAP Co-Chair Vorhees P
Professional Development Co-Chair Stehle P
Professional Development Co-Chair Thompson P
Social Events Chair Perez P


Department/Program Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Accountancy (School of) P
Actuarial Science (Master of Science in) E
Agricultural Economics P
Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication A
Agronomy and Horticulture P
Animal Science P
Anthropology P
Applied Science (Master of) A
Architectural Engineering and Construction (Durham School of) P
Architecture (Master of) P
Architecture (Master of Science in) A
Art, Art History and Design (School of) P

Audiology /Speech- Language Pathology

(Master of Science in)

Biochemistry P
Biological Sciences (School of) P
Biological Systems Engineering P
Biomedical Engineering P
Business Administration (Master of/Master of Arts in) P
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering P
Chemistry P
Child, Youth and Family Studies P
Civil Engineering P
Communication Studies P
Community and Regional Planning (Master of) E
Computer Science and Engineering P
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences P
Economics A
Educational Administration E
Educational Psychology P
Electrical and Computer Engineering P
English P
Entomology P
Finance P
Food Science and Technology P
History P
Interdepartmental Nutrition (Program) P
Journalism and Mass Communications (College of) P
Law (College of) P
Management A
Marketing P
Materials Engineering (Program in) P
Mathematics P
Mechanical and Materials Engineering P
Modern Languages and Literatures P
Music (Glenn Korff School of) P
Natural Resources (School of) P
Nutrition and Health Sciences P
Philosophy P
Physics and Astronomy A
Plant Health (Doctor of) P
Plant Pathology P
Political Science P
Psychology P
Sociology P
Special Education and Communications Disorders P
Statistics A
Survey Research and Methodology (Program in) P
Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education P
Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design A
Theater and Film (Johnny Carson School of) P
Veterinary Medicine (Doctor of) P
Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (School of) P

A: Absent
E: Excused
P: Present