W.H. Thompson Scholars Living Learning Community

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All W.H. Thompson Scholars who live in University Housing their first year will live near other W.H. Thompson Scholars in Harper Residence Hall (unless a housing exemption is granted – see below). The majority of community members living on campus will live together in Harper Residence Hall.

  • If a newly awarded W.H. Thompson Scholar has already turned in a housing contract, there is nothing else the scholar needs to do at this time to ensure they will be living near other W.H. Thompson Scholars.

  • If you plan on living on campus and have not submitted a Housing contract yet and your enrollment deposit has been paid or deferred, please do so in a timely manner.

  • Students will be notified of their room assignments in late July.

 Living-Learning Community Benefits

In the fall 2014 the majority of W.H. Thompson Scholars will be placed on one of the 6 floors of Harper Residence Hall.  Some of the benefits of living in William H. Thompson Scholars Living-Learning Community include:

  1. Engaging with other scholars within the community to build lasting bonds, friendships and networks.
  2. Experience a living setting that is active and supportive and is an exciting place to live and learn.
  3. Common place of residence that allows students a chance to plan, attend and explore various opportunities and resources, both within the community and the University as a whole.
  4. Peer mentoring/advising within residence halls.
  5. Special programming to familiarize scholars with various topics – including social, community, academic, personal, and professional.
  6. Out of classroom collaborative learning environment through use of the Study Café and interaction with mentors, tutors and faculty.

The success of the living-learning component has been an establishment of a family feeling among scholars.  Nearly a quarter of current scholars living in the living learning community have chosen to return and once again partake in the experience.

 Roommate Requests

If a W.H. Thompson Scholar wishes to live with a UNL student who is not a member of W.H. Thompson, they may do so, but both must then live in Harper Residence Hall. 

  • The W.H. Thompson Scholar and the other student need to have both requested each other for room assignments when they completed the UNL Housing Contract. 

  • The requested roommate can live in Harper Residence Hall with a W. H. Thompson Scholar; however, the W.H. Thompson Scholar cannot live outside of Harper Residence Hall unless he/she meets one of the housing requirement exemption criteria (see below).

 Housing Exemptions

Scholars could be granted an exemption to the W. H. Thompson housing requirement if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The scholar will be living in the Honors Program Housing
  • The scholar has a major/course schedule which demands the scholar to live in East Campus Housing
  • The scholar has special housing needs (i.e., vacation housing or housing with accommodations for those with a disability or special health needs)
  • The scholar will be living at home (Note: UNL requires first-year students to live on campus if their home is more than 30 miles away from campus)
  • The scholar will be living in a fraternity (please refer to University Housing Policy to gain further clarification)


If you are having trouble accessing your on-line Housing contract, please contact:

University Housing Web site

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact:

Amy Fellhoelter
Assistant Program Coordinator, William H. Thompson Scholars