Study Abroad

Interested in Studying Abroad?

In order to be considered for funding, you need to:

1. Set up an appointment with Alanna Hoffman , Assistant Program Coordinator, at 402.472.1963 or by email at to go over scholarship requirements and expectations.  You can also set up a meeting to just talk about different options and different ways in which Study Abroad can help you enhance your academic, professional and personal goals.

2. Fill out the Buffett Funding Application for Study Abroad  and email the completed form to before these dates: 

Fall Semester = August 1st

Spring Semester = December 1st

Summer = April 1st

 3. The Foundation will then review your request and will let you know if they approve your scholarship funds to be used for tuition and fees.

4. Make an appointment with UNL Education Abroad  by calling 402.472.5358 to ensure that the program will allow you to register for credit through UNL. Ask the Education Abroad Advisors for information on additional scholarships and financial aid.

5. Make an appointment with UNL Financial Aid to discuss cost and other financial aid opportunities.  The cost of attendance will be adjusted according to the cost of your study abroad program, so make sure to get familiar with financial aid procedures and requirements.

Please Note: Scholarship funds are not available for travel, living, or any other miscellaneous expenses. Scholarship funds may be approved for Study Abroad if you will be receiving credit at UNL for the credit hours (the hours should be listed as a course on your schedule). The classes must count toward your degree and the Study Abroad tuition and fees are billed to UNL.

The scholarship will pay for those credit hours at the equivalent tuition and fee cost at UNL up to the maximum scholarship amount (up to $4,250 for cost of attendance-based on number of credits you take while abroad). The funds are disbursed to your student account with the normal semester scholarship payments (not in advance).

The programs have the same weight as a regular semester. If your term and/or cumulative GPA drops below 2.0 or you do not report grades for the term prior to your program, your approved program scholarship funds may be cancelled or your scholarship may be terminated. Student placed on probation by the learning communities will be required to comply with the probationary guidelines and cannot postpone this probation by studying abroad.

Please contact Alanna Hoffman if you have any questions at