Active Brothers

Get to know the brothers of the Epsilon Omega chapter! 
The current active brothers are listed below by class.

Current chapter members. 

Alpha Gamma Class (2016)

Trenton Buhr

  • Trenton is a senior from Cortland, NE with majors in Political Science, Psychology, and Classics. His hobbies include reading nonfiction and learning everything he can about Nebraska. A fun fact: "I've visited all 93 counties in Nebraska."

Elliot Choi

  • Psychology major

Josephine Choi

  • Josephine is a senior from Kansas City, MO with a major in Biology and minors in Biochemistry and Art. Her hobbies include photography, anything related to art, reading, traveling, drinking coffee, and learning as much science-related information as possible. A fun fact: "I've been to 10 National Parks so far."

Angelica Gonzalez

  • Angelica (Geli) is a senior from Bellevue, NE with a major in Music Education. Her hobbies include drawing, reading, playing video games, and watching anime. She also likes to collect geeky toys/figures and her favorite superhero is Spider-Man. A fun fact: "I used to live in Japan. My younger brother was born there!"

Colleen Hacker

  • Secondary Math Education major

Camille Hoover

  • Camille is a senior from York, PA with a major in Meteorology. 

Ashley Joseph

  • Ashley is a senior with a major in Music Education. 

Lalah McLaughlin

  • Biological Sciences major

Joseph Regan

  • Business Administration

Nick Stanley

  • Nick is a senior from Lincoln, NE with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Business Analytics. His hobbies include traveling, running, watching movies, and following sports. Some fun facts: "I am a triplet. I consider myself to be an amateur photobomber."

Stacy Storm

  • Stacy is a senior with a major in Biochemistry. 

Alpha Delta Class (2017)

Lindi Bechel 

  • Lindi is a senior from Maple Grove, MN with a major in Psychology and a minor in Business. Her hobbies include volunteering at a cat shelter and scuba diving. A fun fact: "I have two dogs and two cats one who is named Little Dude."

Tyler Butterfield

  • Tyler is a junior with a major in Accounting. 

Kelsey Conrad

  • Kelsey is a junior with a major in English. 

Jacob Coughlin

  • Jacob is a junior from Omaha, NE with a major in Music Education and a minor in Leadership and Communication. His hobbies include teaching marching bands, solving Rubik's cubes, and playing board games. A fun fact: "I'm Midwest District VP."

Allison Joyner

  • Allison is a junior from Monroeville, AL originally and now resides in Lincoln, NE. She has a Fisheries and Wildlife major concentrating in Zoo Animal Care and Conservation Biology and minors in Environmental Education and Math. Her hobbies include photography and calligraphy. Some fun facts: "I have a 3 1/2 octave vocal range and play 5 instruments. I have also competed in 5 different sports: tennis, swimming, dance, gymnastics, and karate. I am allergic to citrus."

Vincent Larson

  • Vincent is a junior with a major in Music Performance. 

Molly Magana

  • Molly is a junior from Grand Island, NE with a major in Music Education. Her likes to spend her time being outdoors. A fun fact: "I love the Rocky Mountains." 

Maya McIntosh

  • Maya is a junior with a Veterinary Science major. 

Nick Pavel

  • Nick is a junior with a major in Music Education.

Ryan Regan

  • Ryan is a junior from Omaha, NE with a major in Mechanical Engineering.  His hobbies include frisbee and Nintendo Switch. A fun fact: "I made a remote control light switch for my dorm room because I don't like getting out of my bed to flip the switch."

Dylan Spilinek

  • Dylan is a junior with a major in Theater Design/Tech. 

Cole Talbert 

  • Cole is junior from Wahoo, NE with a major in Theatre Directing/Management. His hobbies include playing music, playing with dogs, and video games. A fun fact: "I can solve a 7x7 Rubik's cube."

Eric Ullman

  • Eric is a senior with a Mechanical Engineering major.

Ben Vanness

  • Ben is a junior. 

Lisa Ward

  • Lisa is a senior from Papillion, NE with a major Forensic Science. Her hobbies include exercising and reading. A fun fact: "I love dogs and Captain America!"

Alpha Epsilon Class (2018)

Sarah Aymond

  • Sarah is in her second year of the Masters Program for Instrumental Conducting. She is from Grand Forks, ND. Her hobbies include spending time with dogs, being at the lake, reading, and music. A fun fact: "I LOVE Broadway and if I ever win the lottery, the first thing I'll do is go to every show in New York and Las Vegas."

Candy Diaz

  • Candy is a sophomore with a major in Construction Management. 

Elizabeth Drey

  • Elizabeth is a senior with a Food Science and Technology major.

Alex Heraty

  • Alex is a sophomore from Hawthorn Woods, IL with a Marketing major.  His hobbies include biking, spending time with dogs,  and marching band. A fun fact: "I'm an Eagle Scout."

Madeline Kelly

  • Madeline is a junior with a Biochemistry major. 

Lindsey LaBrie

  • Lindsey is a junior with majors in German and Fisheries and Wildlife.

Landon Mader

  • Landon is a sophomore from Lexington, NE with an Accounting major and a minor in Philosophy. His hobbies include writing and playing music, ultimate frisbee, and attending as many concerts as possible. A fun fact: "I work as a beekeeper throughout the year."

Grayson McGregor

  • Grayson is a sophomore from Olathe, KS with a major in Music Education. His hobbies include playing guitar and cello. 

Ethan Millington

  • Ethan is a junior from Cortland, NE with a Music Education major. His hobbies include playing tuba, anything music-related, weight-lifting, swimming, and playing with dogs. Some fun facts: "I'll be serving as the chapter's secretary for the 2018-2019 school year. Also, I detassled for seven summers!"

Ben Petrmichl

  • Ben is a junior from Elkhorn, NE with a Music Education major. His hobbies include playing and sharing music, playing with dogs, teaching others, hanging out and talking with friends, watching Drum Corps, and Husker football. A fun fact: "I had the opportunity to march on the same field with Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps."

ZitaAnne Reno

  • ZitaAnne is a sophomore from Grand Island, NE with a major in English for Pre-Law. Her hobbies include reading and writing. A fun fact: "I am the 2017-2018 Miss Nebraska Czech-Slovak Queen Runner-Up."

Justin Richard

  • Justin is a junior with a major in Music Education.

Kaylee Riekenberg

  • Kaylee is a junior with majors in Political Science and Global Studies. 

Ross Rogers

  • Ross is a Elementary Education major.

Meghan Suelter

  • Meghan is a junior from Omaha, NE with a Chemical Engineering major. Her hobbies include cooking, playing with dogs, spending time with friends, and playing trombone in the CMB. A fun fact: "I played club volleyball for 6 years."

Braden Wojahn

  • Braden is a junior with an Insect Science major.

Honorary Brothers

  • Christopher Brandt
  • Doug Bush
  • Jan Deaton
  • Ruben Gomez
  • Rose Johnson
  • Sergio Ruiz
  • Michaela Vestecka