Membership Guidelines

Kappa Kappa Psi has only seven Chapter membership statuses: Active, Associate, Conditional, Inactive, Alumni, Life, and Honorary Membership. The following definitions are derived from the Kappa Kappa Psi National Constitution. They are not verbatim. Please read over these membership statuses and educate the Chapter members and Membership Candidates. Make sure that your Chapter Constitution does not conflict with the meanings below.

ACTIVE members of the Fraternity shall be registered students and members of the college or university band program who have been formally initiated after the completion of the Membership Education Program of the Fraternity. All annual dues and fees must be paid up to date to maintain active membership in the Fraternity. It shall be the duty of each active member to attend all meetings; to pay promptly all financial obligations; to become acquainted with the National, District, and Chapter Constitutions; to understand the history of Kappa Kappa Psi; and to support the efforts and purposes of the Chapter and Fraternity. Dues: $125/year

ASSOCIATE membership shall be granted to members of Tau Beta Sigma who have transferred to a college or university which does not have an active Tau Beta Sigma chapter, and who meet the transfer requirements as defined in the Kappa Kappa Psi Transfer Policy. Before becoming eligible for Associate membership conditional status shall be granted and shall not exceed thirty (30) days during which the member shall enter an orientation period to become familiar with the principles of Kappa Kappa Psi and the operations of the local chapter. At the end of the orientation period, the member may request Associate status. Associate members shall have all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities associated with Active membership. Dues: $125/year

CONDITIONAL status in the Fraternity may be requested by an active member when that member cannot, without undue hardship, continue to meet the requirements for active status. The request shall be in writing and shall state the specific reasons for requesting conditional status. To become effective, the member shall have paid national member dues for the current academic year. The request shall be approved by a majority vote of the chapter, with approval of the sponsor/director of bands. Conditional status shall not be maintained for more than one (1) year. Conditional members may, at the discretion of the local chapter, attend Chapter meetings, District and National Conventions and events, participate in Ritual, participate in chapter fundraisers and service projects and attend chapter social functions. Conditional members shall not hold office, propose candidates for membership, introduce business, vote on any matters, or act in the capacity of a big brother. The chapter cannot request or force a member to take Conditional status. Dues: $85/year

IINACTIVE members are former active members who are enrolled in school but do not pay member dues shall be classified as inactive members. Inactive members have no privileges of Fraternity membership. Inactive members may not participate in any Fraternity business, projects, or activities. To return to active status, said member must request in writing of the local chapter. Upon approval by the local chapter and sponsor, and payment of all financial obligations to the National Headquarters and the local chapter, said member shall be returned to active status. If a member pays dues and then does not participate, the chapter cannot vote them Inactive. This status is only for non-dues paying members. Dues: $0/year

ALUMNI members of the Fraternity shall be those Active, Associate or Conditional members of the Fraternity who have completed their education or who have terminated their affiliation with their college or university. Any alumni member shall have all privileges of an active member, except those of voting and introducing business. In the event an alumni member wishes to reactivate with the respective chapter, said alumnus must be registered as a student, be an active member of the institution's band, and meet requirements as an active member of the local chapter. Members can only be Alumni one of the two ways underlined at the end of the first sentence. A chapter cannot vote a member Alumni. Dues: $50/year

LIFE Membership, along with privileges of such, shall be granted to any Alumni member upon payment of a Life Membership contribution, the amount to be set by the National Chapter, along with an application to the National Headquarters. The privileges of a Life member include:

  • Membership in the National Alumni Association for one year.
  • The individual's name listed and displayed at the National Headquarters.
  • Discounts offered by the National Headquarters on selected merchandise or events. (to be announced as they occur)
  • Eligibility for appointments as deemed necessary by the National Council.
  • All privileges granted by the National Constitution.

Fee: $500/lifetime

HONORARY members of the Fraternity shall possess the same general qualifications as active members except that they shall not necessarily be regularly enrolled in the college or university where the chapter is located nor possess any qualifications as musicians. They shall be generally recognized as outstanding in their field of endeavor or shall have performed outstanding service for the college or university band or Fraternity. Honorary members are eligible for Life Membership privileges in the Fraternity without further obligations.
Fee: $30/lifetime

**All new initiates are given active standing