About the Medieval & Renaissance Studies Program

At the Medieval & Renaissance Studies Program, we study the culture (from 500-1660) that forms the roots of most modern Western cultures. Because the period has a profound impact on Western culture's current literature, philosophy, art, religion and politics, studying its ideas gives us a clearer understanding of our present world, which is dominated by that culture's institutions.

As our students understand this history within a broad, clear context, we challenge them to develop an alternate, open, more culturally complex historical place from which to articulate their own contemporary histories. 

That might mean connecting trade organizations in the early Ottoman Empire with those of early modern England, or connecting the War of Roses to “Game of Thrones.”

Our students take exciting courses from one of the most interdisciplinary faculties at UNL. And through frequent community events, they form tight bonds with their discipline, and with each other.

Through experiences both in and out of the classrooms, they learn how to think strategically and analytically while presenting ideas clearly and passionately — positioning them well to achieve in whatever career they choose.

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