Study abroad for a semester or a year. Visit UNL Study Abroad office for help in applying for scholarships (~400 available per year; ranging from $500-3,000), filling out applications, picking a place to visit for your studies, learning about travel logistics, health concerns, and cross-cultural adjustment.

Term Abroad Program Deadline Scholarship Deadline
Summer February 1st February 1st
Fall or for entire Year March 1st February 1st
Spring October 1st October 1st

Scholarship opportunities:

  • Basic: use 1 application for ~10 scholarships
  • Lieding: priority given to German-speaking locations; all locations considered
  • Wiebers: study a language abroad (Feb 1st deadline only)
  • Early Abroad: go abroad during your first 2 years at UNL
  • Internship: earn credit abroad

Comparing US and UK systems

Time and terminology comparisonAcademic year comparison

Given UNL's partnership with the University of York Center for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies (CREMS), and for those who will study abroad and be surrounded with a different academic culture, it is good for our students to understand the language difference between the US and UK in degree programs. The following infographics describe the difference in undergraduate to graduate degree paths, degree terminology, and the yearly academic cycle.

Academic career terminology comparison

For those looking at postdocs and faculty positions in the UK, the best listservs to use are or Times Higher Ed Jobs. For those studying abroad, the following infographic will help with equivalency in terms from American to UK systems.