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Undergraduate Club

Join the Medieval and Renaissance undergraduates in our club!


Our monthly faculty and graduate student meetings are an excellent source of information for interested undergraduates. These meetings give students a chance to hear about the latest research in areas about which they may be especially interested, and get to know both professors and students pursuing scholarly work in the area.

Other opportunities on campus:

Undergraduate students may have the opportunity to work with Medieval and Renaissance Studies faculty members on their research through the university's Undergraduate Creative Activity and Research Experience program.

These projects are presented at the Undergraduate Student and Graduate Student Research and Creative Activities Poster Sessions every spring at the UNL Research Fair.

Career Experience and Skills

There are other UNL and Nebraska-area opportunities for undergraduate students and graduate students to gain hands-on experience in academic and non-academic careers that rely upon humanities skills.

Transcribe history

At Nebraska

You can help the UNL Archives transcribe the text of digitized documents.

Shakespeare's World