English Civil War (1642-1651)

Royalists vs. Parliamentarians

During the English Civil War (often referred to as the Civil War, much like American's refer to their own civil war), Parliamentarians and Puritans banded together against King Charles I. The result was Charles being beheaded, and Oliver Cromwell running a Commonwealth government until the Restoration of 1660, when Charles I's son Charles II was restored to the English throne.

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Edmund Gibson (1669-1748)

The life of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the common-wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Impartially collected from the best historians, and several original manuscripts

London, Printed for J. Brotherton...and T. Cox, (1731)

Adoption Price: $100

King Charles I of England (1600-1649)

A true copy of the journal of the High Court of Justice, for the trial of King Charles I, as it was read in the House of Commons, and attested under the hand of Phelps, clerk to that infamous court, taken by J. Nalson, LL.D. Jan. 4, 1683 ; with a large introduction

London : Printed by H. C. for Thomas Dring ..., 1684

Adoption Price: $50

John Cleveland (1613-1658)

The idol of the clowns, or, insurrection of Watt Tyler, with his priests Baal and Straw; together with his fellow kings of the commons, against the English church, the King, the laws, nobility, and royal family and gentry, in the fourth year of King Richard II, in the year 1381

London, Printed in the year, 1654

Adoption Price: $25


James Howell (1594?-1666)

The Preeminence and Pedigree of Parliament : where unto is added a vindication of some passages reflecting upon the author, in a book call'd The popish royal favorite, pen'd and published by Mr. Prynne wherein he styles him no friend to Parliaments, and a malignant (pag. 42): with a clearing of some occurrences in Spain at His Majesty's being there, cited by the said Mr. Prynne out of the vocal forest

London : Printed by R. R. for H. Moseley, 1645

Adoption Price: $25


William Prynne (1600-1669)

The Popish Royal Favorite: or, A full discovery of His Majesties extraordinary favors to, and protections of notorious papists, priests, Jesuits, against all prosecutions and penalties of the laws enacted against them; notwithstanding his many royal proclamations, declarations, and protestations to the contrary. As likewise of a ... design to set up popery, and extirpate the Protestant religion by degrees, in ... England, and all His Majesties dominions. Manifested by sundry letters of grace, warrants, and other writings under the kings own signe-manuall ... Collected and published by authority of Parliament

London, Imprinted for M. Spark, senior, 1643

Adoption Price: $25


William Laud (1573-1645)

The history of the troubles and trial of the most reverend father in God, and blessed martyr, William Laud, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Wrote by himself, during his imprisonment in the Tower. To which is prefixed the diary of his own life faithfully and entirely published from the original copy: and subjoined a supplement to the preceding history: the arch-bishop's last will; his large answer to the Lord Say's speech concerning liturgies; his annual accounts of his province delivered to the King; and some other things relating to the history

London, Printed for Richard Chiswell, (1695)-1700

Note: two volumes

Adoption Price: $25, each

Volume 1 ADOPTED!