by September 24, 2020

La Destreza

by Francisco  de Quevedo Villegas

quevedooDirected by Hilda Rey

Presented as a reading by students of the Johnny Carson School in Theater and Film, University of Nebraska

March 25, 5pm in the Lab Theatre (3rd floor of the Temple Building).

All are welcome.

The performance will last 15-20 minutes. 

La destreza is an entremés, a short play written to be performed between acts of a longer comedia. In this play, a group of women use fencing as a metaphor to describe how they will take advantage of the men around them, using their skill (destreza) to do so. The performance will be the first for the play in approximately 350 years.

Medieval and Renaissance Studies and Theater Professor Ian Borden has been working in collaboration with Ben Gunter (Theater with a Mission), Kerry Wilks (Wichita State University), Dave Pasto (Oklahoma City University), Susan Paun de García (Denison University) and Tony Grubbs (Michigan State University)  on a team translation project. The new translation of La destreza is a product of that collaboration, and Dr. Borden is happy to announce its premiere under directing student Hilda Rey's supervision. We invite all to this performance with an optional talk-back afterward. 

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