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Position Title: Research Technologist UNL Unit: Microscopy Core Facility/Center of Biotechnology

The Microscopy Core Research Facility (https://biotech.unl.edu/microscopy) of the Nebraska Center for Biotechnology (https://biotech.unl.edu/) at University of Nebraska-Lincoln is hiring a Research Technologist. The qualified person will carry out advanced bio-imaging analyses such as confocal live-cell and immunofluorescence microscopy. The technologist will provide quality services for users and should have some knowledge of plant biology with experience in microscopy experiments, instrument and computer skills. Being a core facility the successful candidate will be customer service oriented with a willingness to help others.

Requirements and Qualifications M.Sc. is required (PhD is also acceptable). BSc with major in the area of plant biology, MSc degree with research using plant cells with at least one-year experience in fluorescence microscopy. Preferred Knowledge and Skills: Plant live-cell confocal (Nikon system) imaging skills; worked in an academic environment, core facility setting is a plus.

Please visit the following website for more information and application submission: https://employment.unl.edu/postings/61348

Application review process will begin on Nov 1, 2018.


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Faculty research emphases include plant-microbe interactions, plant signaling and organellar biology, abiotic and biotic stress responses, and genomics/proteomics. The plant research community at UNL allows for a host of productive collaborations and outstanding postdoctoral opportunities. These include plant breeding programs that incorporate modern technologies for crop improvement, an excellent ecology and evolution group that integrates an understanding of plant function to their natural environment, and an array of faculty investigating the food safety, environmental impact, and economic implications of agricultural biotechnology.

Student Training

We have a strong commitment to training students in their postdoctoral studies, graduate education, and undergraduate experience. Our interdisciplinary environment and outstanding research facilities complement an excellent group of faculty with research strengths in several areas of plant biology research.