Plant-microbe interactions, plant immunity, disease susceptibility, fungal pathogen
Portrait of James R. Alfano
Bacterial pathogens and plant immunity
Portrait of Edgar B. Cahoon
Lipid metabolism, function, and biotechnology
Portrait of Heriberto D. Cerutti
Functional Genomics, Epigenetics, Biotechnology, Biofuels
Yufeng Ge
Plant phenotyping and image analysis, Precision agriculture and spatial statistics
Portrait of Katarzyna Glowacka
Crop Abiotic Stress Resistance
Portrait of David Holding
Cereal endosperm functional genomics
Portrait of David Hyten Jr.
Soybean Genetics and Genomics
Lipid biochemistry, metabolomics, plant physiology
Portrait of Etsuko N. Moriyama
Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Molecular Evolution
Portrait of Jeffrey P. Mower
Plant evolutionary and comparative genomics
Toshihiro Obata
Plant Primary Metabolism
bacterial pathogen, bacterial diseases, crops, plant defense responses
Portrait of Rebecca Roston
Lipid metabolism and abiotic stress
Portrait of Sabrina Russo
Microbiome, Plant Ecology, Ecophysiology, and Biodiversity
Portrait of Daniel Schachtman
Root microbiomes and abiotic stress tolerance
Photo of James Schnable
Plant Genomics and Phenomics
Portrait of James Van Etten
Giant viruses infecting algae
Portrait of Harkamal Walia
Plant Phenomics and Genomics
Portrait of Jinliang Yang
Population genetics and genomics, Microbiome, and Plant Phenomics
Portrait of Bin Yu
RNA silencing, Epigenetics and functional genomics
Portrait of Lirong Zeng
Post-translational modifications and plant immunity
Portrait of Chi Zhang
Bioinformatics and computational systems biology