Sabrina Russo

Portrait of Sabrina Russo

Sabrina Russo

Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Microbiome, Plant Ecology, Ecophysiology, and Biodiversity


Russo Lab
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The Russo Lab takes integrative approaches to study fundamental questions addressing the patterns, causes, and consequences of plant diversity.  We examine plant species’ life histories in terms of underlying genetic and functional variation, potential trade-offs, and ecological interactions, and how these influence the distribution of plant species along environmental gradients, which ultimately determines patterns of diversity.  We work in a range of systems, from agroecosystems to grasslands to forests, and focus on a range of topics including stress response, plant-microbial interactions, and models of plant physiology, growth, and survival.

Graduate student mentorship through the following programs:

Research Keywords

Biodiversity, Ecophysiology, Microbiome, Plant Ecology, Plant Phenotyping/Phenomics, Systems Biology