Events, Dinners and Community Connection

unl campus in the fall with grit and glory signage

The W. H. Thompson community works to nurture student development by providing workshops throughout the academic year that address important skills that foster student personal growth and learning.  Attending W. H. Thompson events is mandatory, but scholars are allowed to select workshops that address topics that appeal to their personal needs and interests.  To assist scholars in selecting the events that would most benefit them, the workshops are divided into three categories (Life Skills, Academic, and Social) based on the topics that are addressed in each.

We are constantly working to improve our events and listen to students' needs.  Many of our events are pre-set for the year, however, we often add additional events for students to attend throughout the school year.  Every Monday students receive a W.H. Thompson Scholars Newsletter where upcoming events are listed. 

Life Skills

Life Skills events are designed to assist scholars in responsibly managing their academic, social, and personal affairs.  Some of the life skills event topics include resume writing and job searching, making plans after graduation, goal setting, managing personal finances, mental health, personal safety, and interpersonal relationships.


Academic events are designed to promote scholarly student development.  These events prompt scholars to challenge themselves intellectually and to think about topics including multiculturalism, ethical scholarly research methods, and local, national, and world events.  These events are also designed to promote effective practices for college reading, writing, and studying.


Social events are designed to involve scholars in the W. H. Thompson community.  Many scholars consider W. H. Thompson as a home away from home – and student social success and health is of the utmost importance to program staff.  Social events are designed to be interactive and engaging; some previous social events included bowling, climbing a rock wall, salsa dancing, and playing Name That Tune.