W.H. Thompson Scholars Living Learning Community

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 Living-Learning Community Benefits

Benefits of living in the William H. Thompson Scholars Living-Learning Community include:

  1. Engaging with other scholars within the community to build lasting bonds, friendships, and networks.
  2. Experience a living setting that is active and supportive and is an exciting place to live and learn.
  3. Common place of residence that allows students a chance to plan, attend and explore various opportunities and resources, both within the community and the University as a whole.
  4. Peer mentoring/advising within residence halls.
  5. Special programming to familiarize scholars with various topics – including social, community, academic, personal, and professional.
  6. Out of classroom collaborative learning environment through use of the Study Café and interaction with mentors, tutors and faculty.

The success of the living-learning component has been an establishment of a family feeling among scholars. 

 Any questions regarding housing can be directed to William H. Thompson Scholars staff by email at whthompsonscholars@unl.edu or by telephone at 402-472-1989.