English Department News Letter and Calendar


 On October 10, the Amicus Brief ("Brief of Digital Humanities and Law Scholars as Amici Curiae in Authors Guild v. Hathitrust”) that Matthew Jockers co-authored with Matthew Sag (Loyola University of Chicago) and Jason Shultz (University of California at Berkeley) was cited twice by the Judge in the case who handed down a huge victory for fair use and the future of digital humanities research. The brief is available online at <http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2102542>. The Judge's decision is also available online: <http://matthewsag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Hathitrust-2012-10-9-DKT.-156-Opinion-and-Order.pdf>

Prairie Schooner was featured in the "Literary MagNet" column of the Nov/Dec issue of Poets & Writers. Columnist Travis Kurowski applauded the journal's "barrage of multimodal publishing," mentioning the "Air Schooner" podcast, FUSION, the journal on Kindle, and a mobile app for Apple's iOS platform that will launch in March 2013. In related news, Prairie Schooner's third installment of its FUSION series debuted on its website Nov. 1. It features home-themed Balkan poetry and art alongside poetry from the journal's archives and artwork by Nebraska artist Jave Yoshimoto. Lastly, the Associated Press is circulating news about the inaugural Prairie Schooner Nebraska Library Tour; beginning Dec. 8, Kwame Dawes and Marianne Kunkel will promote the journal at twelve public libraries across the state.

"Dangerous Boundaries and the Enemy of Insularity: An Interview with poet T.R. Hummer" conducted by James Madison Redd appears in the November Prairie Schooner Blog. Eighteen authors, including Richard Ford, have agreed to be interviewed for Redd's Crooked Letter Interview Series.

Benjamin Vogt was one of three winners (of over 300 entrants) for UNL's Innovation Campus photography contest celebrating the food, fuel, and water of Nebraska; one of the judges was Michael Forsberg. Ben's photograph of a sunflower will be displayed on the new campus, and the image earned him an iPad.

Crystal S. Gibbins served as a Poetry Panelist for the Minnesota State Arts Board 2013 Artist Initiative Grant on Thursday, Oct. 25 in St. Paul, MN.


Roland Végső’s book The Naked Communist: Cold War Modernism and the Politics of Popular Culture has been published by Fordham University Press. The book argues that the political ideologies of modernity were fundamentally determined by four basic figures: the world, the enemy, the secret, and the catastrophe. While the “world” names the totality that functioned as the ultimate horizon of modern political imagination, the three other figures define the necessary limits of this totality by reflecting on the limits of representation. The Naked Communist highlights the enduring presence of these figures in the modern imagination through detailed analyses of a concrete historical example: American anti-Communist politics of the 1950s. It presents parallel readings of modernism and popular fiction from the 1950s in order to show that they both participated in a common ideological program. For more information and excerpts, see the following link: http://www.amazon.com/The-Naked-Communist-Modernism-Politics/dp/0823245578/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353093927&sr=8-1&keywords=vegso+naked.

Sarah A. Chavez's poems "Viscosity" and "A Year of Dreams" have been accepted to appear in issue 10 of The Fourth River. Her poem "When Dana Was About to Be Raped" has been accepted for the anthology Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence, edited by Laura Madeline Wiseman, forthcoming in 2013.

Kristi Carter will have a poem in the Spring 2013 issue of So to Speak.

Kwame Dawes's poem "Avoiding the Spirits" was Narrative's "Poem of the Week" Oct. 22-28. His poem "Stop Time" will be featured as a "Poem of the Week" on The Missouri Review's website. Also, his poem "Parenting" has been accepted for publication by The Chattahoochee Review, his poem "Rope" by Rattle, and his poem "Mama Ola Speaks" by The Southeast Review. His poem "The Separation/Retention" has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Hunger Mountain.

Jaime Brunton has had two poems from her chapbook manuscript, Opera on TV, accepted for publication in Denver Quarterly.

Hali F. Sofala's poem "Freak Show" is featured on Juked. Read the poem here: http://www.juked.com/.

Wheeler Winston Dixon has published an essay, “A Few Notes on Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln,” in Film International, November 20, 2012, <http://filmint.nu/?p=6307>, which begins with the words "Having just viewed Steven Spielberg’s new film Lincoln, I am moved to write a few words about it before it fades from my memory, which will happen rather rapidly."

James Madison Redd's collection of stories, Taking the Cure, is a semi-finalist for the St. Lawrence Book Award. His story "Half-Day Christmas" appears in the Fall issue of Steel Toe Review: A Journal of Contemporary Southern Literature. His ekphrastic poem "I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold" is forthcoming from Crack the Spine. Another poem, "A Mother's Wish" is also forthcoming from Penwood Review.

Laura Madeline Wiseman has a poem in the anthologies On Our Own: Widowhood for Smarties (Silver Boomer Books, 2012) and Beverage Anthology (Pirene’s Fountain, 2012) and in the current issues of OVS magazine, California Quarterly, and Les Femme Folles. Her essay “My Sister’s Ghost” appears in the anthology After Dark: A Collection of Haunting Tales (Diversion Press, 2012). She also has poems forthcoming in Poet Lore, Silver Blade, Strange Horizons, and in the anthology Southern Ohio Anthology. Poems from her first full-length collection of poetry, Sprung, are forthcoming as the feature in Poetry Magazine, Summer 2013. An excerpt of her new book Sprung is featured in Extract(s). Her chapbook FIRST WIFE is forthcoming from Hyacinth Girl Press in 2013.

Matthew Jockers's paper “Testing Authorship in the Personal Writings of Joseph Smith Using NSC Classification” was published in Literary and Linguistic Computing on October 27.

Crystal S. Gibbins’ poems “Sea/Words” and “Sea/Words II” appear in Hayden’s Ferry Review (issue 51) and “Bird Fragments” in Cincinnati Review (issue 9.2). Her poems “History of a Week” and “Love Story” are forthcoming in H_NGM_N, and her poem “Insomnia” is forthcoming in The Nervous Breakdown. Crystal’s chapbook, SEA/WORDS, has been accepted for publication by dancing girl press (2013).


Tom Lynch attended the Western Literature Association conference in Lubbock, TX, Nov. 7-10. He chaired a session titled "New Directions in Environmental Justice Ecocriticism." He also presented his own paper titled "Settler-Colonialism, Transnationalism, and Western Literary Studies" at a plenary session devoted to the topic of "Riding on Richard Slotkin's Coattails: New Approaches to Western Cultural Studies in the 21st Century." Tom reports (with some relief) that Richard Slotkin, who was a respondent, had only kind remarks. Tom also enjoyed running into old UNL folks such as Kalenda Eaton, Kyoko Matsunaga, and Josh Dolezal, all of whom seemed hale and hearty.

In October, the Gray Skies Reading Series in Olympia, WA featured Jill McCabe Johnson and contributors to the anthology Becoming: What Makes a Woman, edited by Jill.  She also read her poetry at a November 19 readiing, hosted by Floating Bridge Press at the University of Washington Bookstore in Seattle.

Kathryn Kruger presented a talk, "Glittering Frostwork: Charles Dickens in America," to the Douglas County Historical Society on October 14, 2012 (http://prezi.com/ce_jybvz211i/dickens-in-america/).

Sarah A. Chavez presented her paper "Where’s the Border Again?: Exploration of Double-Consciousness and Labeling in Chicana/o Literature" at the Midwest Modern Language Association Conference in Cincinnati, OH on November 9, 2012. She also served as the secretary for the permanent section, Multicultural Literature in the Classroom: Politics and Pedagogy, and will serve as section chair in 2013.

Caitie Leibman has been accepted to co-present at the Transportation Research Board’s 92nd Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., in January on her work with Mid-America Transportation Center (MATC) Program Coordinator Valerie Lefler, concerning the communication of scientific research results. Caitie is a graduate research assistant at MATC and serves as a senior editor and staff writer.

Aubrey Streit Krug presented her paper, "Thinking Like a Prairie: A Contemporary Land Ethic in Great Plains Literature" at the Western Literature Association's annual conference in Lubbock, Texas, Nov. 7-10. She was selected as one of two recipients of the WLA's Louis Owens Award for Graduate Student Presenters. The award included funding for registration, travel, and lodging. Her paper was also named a runner-up for the WLA's J. Golden Taylor Award for best graduate student paper.

Laura Madeline Wiseman’s poem “Ms. Behaving,” was performed in Lit Undressed: Women in Disguise / Omaha Lit Fest on October 24.

On October 8th, Matthew Jockers presented an invited lecture titled “Visualizing the 19th-Century Novel” at Columbia University in New York. On November 3rd, he presented an invited lecture at the University of Maryland's NEH-funded Topic Modeling for Humanities Research Workshop titled “Thematic Change and Authorial Innovation in the 19th Century Novel.” His  paper (co-authored with Ben Allen, Cameron Blevins, and Ryan Heuser of the Stanford Literary Lab) "A Geography of Nineteenth-Century English and American Literature” was presented by Blevins at the Social Science History Association's 37th Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia on November 2.

Kathleen Lacey was the featured speaker for the final UNL Women's and Gender Studies Colloquium this fall, and presented her paper, "'This Giving Birth': The Politics of Pregnancy and Childbirth in African American Women's History and Literature," as part of a larger theme directed toward reproductive issues. Another paper, entitled "Rue, Race, and the Visibility of the Black Girl: Racist Tweets and the Reception of The Hunger Games," has been accepted for presentation at the Southwest Texas  / Popular Culture Association Conference.