Awards & Honors

Student award winners attending the annual department recognition ceremony
Awards and Honors
Announcing the 2015-2016 Department of English

Literary Contest Winners

Undergraduate Student Awards
Vreeland Award for Poetry

Monica Claesson

Vreeland Award for Fiction

Lynda Clause

Marjorie Stover Short Story Awards

First Place: Christian Rush
Second Place: Amie Dunekacke

Undergraduate Poetry Awards

First Place Irby Wood Award: Holly Fleck
Second Place: Cecilia Flott
Third Place: Calla Kessler

Gaffney Essay Awards

First Place: Katlyn Powers
Second Place: Nina Hjermstad

Ted Kooser Award for Outstanding First-Year Writing

Vicky Klafter
Nominated by instructor Visnja Vujin

Graduate Student Awards
Vreeland Award for Poetry

Maria Nazos

Vreeland Award for Fiction

Nick White

Susan Atefat Peckham Fellowship

Jaime Brunton

Gaffney/Academy of American Poets Awards for Poetry

First Place: Erin Bertram
Second Place: Katie Henson
Third Place: Keene Short

Sandoz/Prairie Schooner Awards for Fiction

First Place: Jordan Farmer
Second Place: Xavier Navarro
Third Place: Shawn Rubenfeld

Laurus Awards


First Place: "My Stepmother Becomes Immortal" by Lane Chasek
Second Place: "The Kiss" by Kyle Brosnihan


First Place: "The Stranger in the Stairwell" by Giles Hosveth
Second Place: "Stained Rags and Piping Bags" by Faith Thomas


First Place: "Lightning Dad" by Tanner Reckling

Note: The 2015-16 poetry and prose awards were selected by committees of graduate students and instructors.