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About Us

The Department of English seeks to provide for the diverse needs of its students by offering them the opportunity to read widely, to understand and enjoy what they read, and to express themselves both orally and in writing with ease, force and clarity. Through the practice of writing and the study of language, literature and film, the department strives to stimulate humanistic learning and the capacity to respond rationally and imaginatively to literature and the life it reflects.

Our Mission: An Education in Imaginative Reasoning

Central to the core mission of the Department of English is imaginative reasoning: the ability to think hypothetically about the world in all its diversity—the past, present, and future; the local and the global—in order to engage critically with social and political phenomena, envision what is possible, and dream up audacious solutions to seemingly insoluble problems. Imaginative reasoning is the tool that enables us to create a rupture in the seemingly smooth flow of daily information by helping us re-frame how we look at the world—at ourselves and others, as well as at institutional structures and social, economic, and political constraints... (continued)

Our Core Values

  • Pursuing social justice
  • Affirming diversity
  • Engaging with a broad array of real and imagined communities based on empathetic understanding
  • Fostering a sense of belonging
  • Instilling a desire for civic engagement
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Film Studies

History, theory, and criticism

Interested in working in academic film studies, or understanding film better as an art form, as popular culture, and as a major medium of communication? Consider a major or minor in Film Studies. Housed in the Department of English, the Film Studies program focuses on the history of film, film genre, film directors, as well as film theory and criticism.

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Careers in English and Film Studies

Endless Possibilities

When people think of jobs for English majors, they usually think of teaching, writing, and publishing. And it’s true, English majors can find excellent careers in those professions. But the options really are endless. An English major serves a variety of roles in students’ lives, including:

  • a base for beginning study in creative writing, ethnic studies, film studies, Great Plains studies, linguistics and women’s studies
  • a pre-professional program teaching at the secondary and college level
  • a pre-professional program for careers in law, medicine, and business
  • a classical liberal education major for those interested in developing analytic and communication abilities that underlie most professions in American society

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In addition to regular courses, you may wish to participate in a variety of internships or write a supervised Honors Thesis in your senior year. You may wish to join the UNL English Club, which presents programs and participates in the activities of the department. Creative writers can help to edit or contribute writing to the undergraduate literary magazine, Laurus, and are eligible for a number of prizes in our annual writing contests.

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