Literary and Cultural Studies

An undergraduate researcher works with professor Laura White on a UCARE project
Literary and Cultural Studies

Undergraduate Literary and Cultural Studies

Undergraduate students with interests in literature have a variety of opportunities to develop their interests in:
  • British Literature
  • American Literature
  • Ethnic Literatures (including African American, Irish, Chicana(o) American, Asian, Native American, and Jewish American)
  • World Literatures (including Canadian, African, Caribbean, and European)
  • Film History, Theory, and Criticism
  • Literary History
  • Literary Criticism and Theory
  • Literary Genres (such as poetry, drama, fiction, life-writing, and environmental literature)

Literature students may also pursue a Literary and Cultural Studies concentration.

UNL students who graduate with an English major in literature pursue a variety of career and professional work, including

  • Graduate and professional school (including law, graduate study in English, and graduate school in education)
  • Advertising
  • Publishing and editing
  • Teaching

Graduate Literary and Cultural Studies

The Department of English offers diverse and innovative graduate degree programs in many areas of Literary and Cultural Studies. Graduate students who wish to pursue Literary and Cultural Studies have opportunities to work closely with faculty and design individualized M.A. and Ph.D. programs of study. Graduate Faculty members in Literary and Cultural Studies work on varied scholarly projects, share a commitment to the analysis of literature within larger cultural, social and political contexts, and utilize a wide range of critical methodologies, such as textual recovery, archival work, digital scholarship, and theoretical analyses. We offer graduate degree emphases in the following areas of Literary and Cultural Studies:

  • Ethnic Literatures (including African American, U.S. Latina/o and Chicana/o, Native American, African, Afro-Caribbean, and Irish literatures)
  • Women’s Literature
  • Medieval and Renaissance Literatures
  • Nineteenth-Century Literatures (including American literatures and eighteenth-century, Romantic, and Victorian British literatures)
  • Twentieth-Century Literatures (including American literatures and British modernism)
  • Place-Based Writing (including literatures of the Great Plains and the American West)