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Why English?

When you major in English at UNL, you'll learn to better understand the world that we live in, to develop critical thinking and analytic skills, and to write in ways appropriate to multiple contexts and audiences.

The study of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is about reading and writing--and much more. As an English major, you will not only study literature, but also engage with history, popular culture, digital media, and film. You'll explore texts imaginatively, and study genre and craft in order to write novels, essays, poetry, memoirs, or film scripts. Or, you might engage with these texts for the purpose of social critique, to discover the ways culture impacts your understanding of yourself and others so that you can motivate social and political change.

Film Studies

History, theory, and criticism

Interested in working in academic film studies, or understanding film better as an art form, as popular culture, and as a major medium of communication? Consider a major or minor in Film Studies. Housed in the English department, the Film Studies program focuses on the history of film, film genre, film directors, as well as film theory and criticism.

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English Majors are the hot new hiresBut you don't have to take our word for it

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Careers in English

Studying English prepares you for work far beyond traditional teaching, writing, and publishing careers. Explore the myriad of occupations you'll be prepared for with an English major in hand.

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Classes are run as small, intimate, discussion-based seminars, where your ideas are valued and your opinions matter. Check out our list of courses and see which ones pique your interests.

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Award-Winning Faculty

Our English department faculty are internationally recognized leaders in their fields of research and creative work, and consistently win the most prestigious teaching awards at the university.