An ongoing commitment.

At the Department of English at UNL, we’re conscious of our important role in a 21st-century Humanities discipline — we embrace the great responsibility of ensuring that the humanities includes all of its "voices," including those of ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

Our devotion to providing an intellectual climate of respect for, even affirmation of, difference is embodied in a faculty and curriculum that fosters these values on a daily basis. One of our faculty's great strengths, indeed, is the wide-ranging diversity of our teaching and scholarly talents and interests: We take pride in our course offerings in Women's literature and rhetoric, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender literature, African and African-American literature, Latina/Latino literature, Native American literature and Cultural Studies in general.

In close coordination with the Institute for Ethnic Studies and the Women's and Gender Studies Program, the Department of English will continue on the forefront in acknowledging the human in all of its complexity. And as part of our ongoing commitment to diversity, we’ll encourage our students and staff every day to, “Read the World, Write Your Future.”


Faculty: A Diversity of Teaching & Research Interests

  • Stephen C. Behrendt – British Romantic women writers
  • Kwakiutl L. Dreher – African American literature: including contemporary literature, autobiography and mass marketed popular literature; Film and Visual Culture
  • Gwendolyn A. Foster – Women filmmakers; gender theory; postcolonial film; whiteness studies/ethnicity theory
  • Tom Gannon – Native American literature: including Plains Indian literatures and Native eco/animal rights
  • Amy M. Goodburn – Multicultural pedagogies
  • Melissa J. Homestead – 19th- and 20th-century women writers
  • Maureen Honey – Multi-cultural 20th-century women writers: Harlem Renaissance; Women's & Ethnic Studies
  • Frances W. Kaye – Native American literature, including Great Plains literature; Canadian literature
  • Amelia María de la Luz Montes – Chicana/Chicano and U.S. Latina/Latino literature and theory
  • Gregory E. Rutledge – African American literature and culture: including speculative fiction, literary history, the African-American epic aesthetic, folklore
  • Julia Schleck – Renaissance Travel Narratives to the Middle East, Africa, and the AmeriArts & Sciences, with a focus on Anglo-Islamic relations

Course Offerings - Majors

  • 101A: Writing from Literature: African American Literature
  • 101B: Writing from Literature: Chicano Literature
  • 101D: Writing from Literature: Native American Literature
  • 102A: Composition and Literature: African American Literature
  • 102B: Composition and Literature: Chicano Literature
  • 102D: Composition and Literature: Native American Literature
  • 212: Lesbian & Gay Literature
  • 215E: Introduction to Women's Literature
  • 215J: 20th Century Women Writers
  • 231A: English Authors After 1800: The Brontës and Their World
  • 239: Film Directors: Gay and Lesbian Directors
  • 239B: Women Filmmakers
  • 244: African American Literature
  • 244A: Introduction to African Literature
  • 244B: Black Women Authors
  • 244D: African-Caribbean Literature
  • 244E: Early African American Literature
  • 245B: Native American Literature
  • 245D: Chicana and/or Chicano Literature
  • 245J: Jewish-American Fiction
  • 245K: Canadian Literature
  • 245N: Native American Women Writers
  • 253A: Writing of Poetry: Women's Poetry
  • 282: Literature and Other Arts: Blacks in Film
  • 285: Introduction to Comparative Literature
  • 311D: Literature of Socialism
  • 315A: Survey of Women's Literature
  • 315B: Women in Pop Culture
  • 333A: American Authors Since 1900: Willa Cather and Her World
  • 342A: Irish Literature
  • 349: National Cinemas
  • 361A: Introduction to Early American Literature (all sections include a variety of minority writers)
  • 361B: Introduction to Late American Literature (all sections include a variety of minority writers)
  • 401K/801K: Gay and Lesbian Drama
  • 405K/805K: Canadian Fiction
  • 414/814: Women's Literature
  • 414B/814B: 20th Century Women Writers
  • 414D/814D: Feminist Theory & Criticism
  • 445/845: Ethnic Literature (incl. Latina/o Literature)
  • 445B/845B: African-American Literature
  • 445E/845E: Native American Literature
  • 445K/845K: African, African American Literature
  • 462A/862A: Ideas of Ethnicity in Medieval Literature
  • 471A/871A: African American Literary Criticism
  • 475A/875A: Rhetorical Theory: Rhetoric of Women Writers
  • 914: Seminar in Women Writers
  • 940: Seminar in African-American Literature
  • 940A: African Literature in English
  • 945: Seminar in Ethnic Literature