Associated Centers & Facilities
Associated Centers & Facilities
Behlen Observatory

Behlen & Student Observatories

Center for NanoFerroic Devices

Center for NanoFerroic Devices (CNFD)

Diocles Laser

Extreme Light Laboratory (Diocles Laser)

Instrument Shop Staff Keith Placek

Instrument Shop

MRSEC Faculty

Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC)

Jupiter Cloud Bands

Minnich Solar Observatory

NCMN Center

Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience (NCMN)

NCMN Lab Stations

NCMN Facilities

Depiction of a thin layer of Fe50Pt50 from Axel Ender's lab

Nebraska Nanoscale Facility

Offices and Shops

Main Office 402-472-2770
Business Office 402-472-0326
Electronics Shop 402-472-2793
Instrument Shop 402-472-2780
Student Shop 402-472-3688
Student Observatory 402-472-3686