Czechs have come to America from the earliest colonial times.  Like many ethnic groups the Czechs, through time, have been assimilated into the general American culture, but at the same time they have sought to preserve the essential elements of their language and culture.  In the mid nineteenth-century many Czechs immigrated to the Great Plains region of North and South Dakota,  Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  In more than 150 years since their arrival on the Great Plains, many artifacts such as letters, books, newspapers, ethnic costumes, musical instruments, and other objects are still extant. 

This site seeks to present samples of such artifacts for the enjoyment and pleasure of not only those of Czech origin, but all who are interested in Czech immigrant culture in particular, and in general ethnic immigrant cultures in the American context. This site was created and is maintained by the Czech Heritage Digitalization Project which has as its purpose the recording and archiving of materials important to Czech heritage, and/or of Czech origin. The pictures were collected expressly for the purpose of preservation and dissemination.

UNL 1892
University of Nebraska circa 1892
Class of 1915
Czech Language Class of 1915