Draft Draft Draft (00jul19mins)



Present:                Bryant, Humes, Miller, Prochaska Cue, Scheideler


Absent:          Bender, Fuller, Jackson, Latta, Siekman, Whitt, Zorn


Date:              Wednesday, July 19, 2000


Location:       Academic Senate Office, 420 University Terrace


1.0          Call to Order

                Scheideler called the meeting to order at 2:37 PM.


2.0          Announcements

                2.1   Board of Regents Meeting

Scheideler reported that the Board of Regents discussed the issue of merit pay for faculty.  She stated that the Board is in support of faculty salary increases.  She noted that the ASUN is very supportive of increased salaries for faculty and they indicated that if there is an increase in tuition, they want assurance that there is a good plan in place so that some of the extra funds generated by the tuition raise goes toward merit increases. 


Scheideler reported that a resolution addressing proposed tuition increases was approved.  The other resolution approved was in support of research and calls for “President Smith to work with the Governor, the Legislature and Nebraska’s federal delegation to secure additional research funding from the state and federal sources”.


Scheideler reported that the Board feels that the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education should acquire funding for need-based scholarships.  The Board feels that it is the State’s responsibility to provide these kinds of scholarships and that it would provide scholarships for community colleges as well as the state university system.   As a result, the needs-based scholarship request has been taken out of the proposed budget.


Scheideler noted that the biennium budget is asking for approximately an 8% increase.  Priorities of this budget are faculty salary increases and benefits although, as Scheideler pointed out, they are still looking to increase faculty/staff contributions to the health insurance plan to 21%.  She noted that nearly $2 million is being requested for distance education.


2.2  Antelope Valley Project

Scheideler reported that a professor has raised some concerns with the Antelope Valley Project after reviewing the draft Environmental Impact Statement and Feasibility Study.  She asked the committee whether the Senate should form an ad hoc committee to review the project and its impact on the campus.  The committee agreed to check with Interim Chancellor Perlman to see if there will be a campus committee to examine the project.  The committee agreed that some of the members should attend the open presentations being given to the public on the project.


3.0          Approval of 7/5/00 Minutes

Approval of the 7/5/00 minutes was postponed due to a lack of a quorum.


4.0          Nominating Committee to Replace Teresita Aguilar

The committee agreed that it should serve as the nominating committee to replace Teresita Aguilar.  The committee discussed potential candidates and agreed that President Scheideler should contact the prospective candidates.


5.0          Travel Contract – Jim Vogel, Director, Business Operations, Penny Watermeier, Client Service Manager for Travel and Transport, Sue Bernt, Director of Operations, Travel & Transport

                A presentation of the new travel contract was given to the Executive Committee by Jim Vogel, Penny Watermeier and Sue Bernt.  Highlights of the travel contract are:

                -       guaranteed lowest fare available

                -       automatic reissue of ticket if lower fare becomes available

                -       corporate hotel program and special car rental rates (some corporate rates may be lower than conference room rates at the same hotel)

                -       after hours in-house emergency assistance staff (can assist in getting a new flight if original flight is cancelled while you are waiting in the airport)

                -       Omaha and Lincoln airport locations for assistance and ticket pickup

                -       10% volume discount rate with United and 10-15% volume discount rate with TWA (applies to personal travel as well although there is a $10 fee for personal travel)

                -       charge business travel to ghost card (ghost card is only for airfare)

                -       frequent flyer miles still applied to individual’s account

                -       international travel department and visa/passport services

                -       itinerary will be emailed directly to employee

                -       a customized website for the University will soon be available

                -       traveler’s personal profile stored in computer (will know which seats, meals, etc. preferred)


                The committee suggested that a more concise presentation should be made to the full Senate.


6.0          Nebraska Future Task Force Activities

                Item postponed due to lack of time.


7.0                Unfinished Business

7.1  Nomination to Campus ID Advisory Committee

Item postponed due to a lack of time.


8.0          New Business

                8.1          Political Contacts

Scheideler reported that she received a letter from James W. Hewitt who is a candidate for the Nebraska Legislature from Lincoln’s 29th district indicating that he is interested in helping UNL and the University system and that he would be willing to speak to the Senate or at any forums on campus to discuss questions and concerns.  She noted that the other candidate from this district has contacted ASUN and that they appear to be interested in having a debate on campus. 


The meeting was adjourned at 4:26 PM.  The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be at 2:30 PM on Wednesday, August 2, 2000 at the Academic Senate Office, 420 University Terrace.  Respectfully submitted, David S. Jackson, Secretary.