DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT (01jun27mins)




Present:                                Byrant, Fuller, King, Logan-Peters, Miller, Scheideler, Siekman, Whitt, Wolf

Absent:                  Banerjee, Prochaska-Cue, Spann

Date:                      Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Location:                201 Canfield Administration Building



1.0          Call to Order (Bryant)

                Bryant called the meeting to order at 2:35 p.m.               


2.0                Announcements

                2.1                Meeting with Academic Rights and Responsibilities Committee (ARRC)

Bryant reported that the Executive Committee met with members of the ARRC and Mary Kay Hanson, attorney for the ARRC, to continue work revising the procedures.  He stated that he, along with Tice Miller, Jeff Keown (chair elect of ARRC), John Bender (present chair of ARRC) would be meeting with Herb Howe to discuss the proposed changes.  Bryant reported that the committees hope to present the proposed changes to the full Senate at the October meeting.  


                2.2                Report of the Board of Regents Meeting

Bryant stated that the Board of Regents gave approval on the Intellectual Property Policy.  He noted that there was concern that the policy gave preferential treatment to professors in the arts over those in the hard sciences.  He reported that Chancellor Perlman and Senior Vice Chancellor Edwards defended the document stating that it would be difficult to recruit faculty if they knew that any work they produced would belong to the university.  They also stated that faculty would work at home rather than in their office if the policy attributed ownership to where the work was conducted. 


Bryant reported that the Board approved the transfer of tuition remission to spouses/dependents.  He stated that the program covers dependents providing they are full-time students.  He noted that the approved program does not cover graduate courses, does not provide any provision for part-time employees, and does not cover domestic partners. 


Bryant reported that the University budget was approved, as were the academic priorities.  He noted that President Smith did an admirable job in defending the process even though some Regents wanted to see a list of programs that would be cut. 


Bryant reported that the Board approved to expand the salary of top university administrators by creating a deferred salary option.  This program would allow President Smith and the four chancellors to receive an 11.5% increase in their pay, although the funds would be kept in an account and cannot be accessed until a period of time has passed.  The committee agreed that this issue, particularly in light of the current salary raises for most faculty, needs to be examined and discussed further.


                2.3                New Student Orientation

Bryant reported that he has spoken twice to parents and students attending New Student Orientation.  He noted that this is a good program and encouraged other faculty members to participate in it. 


3.0          Senior Vice Chancellor Edwards

                3.1                Pickaprof.com

SVCAA Edwards reported that there has been no further contact from Pickaprof.com regarding their request for information on the grade distribution of faculty members for particular courses.  He noted that the University would have to comply with information that is covered under the public records federal law.  He pointed out that ASUN has indicated interest in providing students with additional information on faculty.  Bryant suggested that students could identify outstanding academic experiences.  King noted that it would be easy to provide this information to students via the web.  SVCAA Edwards stated that it could be called the 50 Outstanding Academic Experiences Not to Miss at UNL.  Bryant suggested that they meet with ASUN to discuss this further.


                3.2                Engineering Dean Search Time Line

SVCAA Edwards reported that Dean Hendrix would be stepping down as Dean at the end of June 2002.  He noted that, due to the difficulty in hiring Engineering deans, the search would start this summer.  He stated that applications for the position would be accepted through the beginning of October.  He stated that they are not sure whether candidates will be brought in for on campus interviewing before or after the holiday break.  Bryant asked about the composition of the search committee.  SVCAA Edwards stated that they are looking at 12 - 13 people.  He stated that the committee will be composed of a sitting Dean as chair, 3 - 4 faculty members, 1 faculty member from outside of the college, 1 undergraduate and 1 graduate student, 1 - 2 outside community members; and possibly Vice Chancellor Prem Paul. 


                3.3                VC Resources for Examination of Promotion and Tenure Practices

Bryant stated that the committee agreed to go ahead with the study on the promotion and tenure process.  He pointed out that data would need to be collected and asked if the Office of Academic Affairs could provide any resources.  SVCAA Edwards stated that some of the information might already be on file in his office.  He noted that there would need to be further discussion before a survey could be conducted.  He stated that the promotion process could possibly be included in the study.  VC Owens stated that he is interested in participating in the study.  He pointed out that the promotion to Associate Professor and receiving tenure should be a simultaneous process.  He suggested that hiring Associate Professors with tenure should also be reviewed.  Miller asked if one process should exist for the entire campus.  SVCAA Edwards stated that this is a question that needs to be explored. 


                3.4                Formation of Advisory Committee to Study Salary Allocations

Bryant reported that the committee has asked to review the statistics regarding the recent salary allocations.  He stated that he is getting feedback from faculty who are upset over the amount of increase they have received. 


VC Owens stated that IANR is creating a task force to look at the statistics.  He noted that they want to possibly refine the existing process that is in place for evaluating departments as a whole.   He stated that he hopes they can come to an agreement which might allow them to develop standards to reward departments with part of the salary money based on three categories: exceptionally high performing units, a more average set of performances, and those performing below the average.  He stated that these units would then receive funds based on their performance.  He noted that the task force members would come from standing, elected committees in IANR.   Scheideler asked what the process seeks to accomplish?  VC Owens stated that it would provide additional funding for those high achieving departments.  Scheideler noted that this process would possibly overlook high achievers within departments that receive a poor or average rating.  She suggested that alternative options for providing funds to chairs should be examined.  She pointed out that this proposed process could cause greater competition between departments. 


VC Owens stated that he is impressed with the promotion increments.  SVCAA Edwards noted that they have been working on trying to make improvements in this area, particularly in adjusting faculty salaries to be commensurate with the position.  Scheideler pointed out that this has caused some compression between entering full professors and faculty who have been at that level for several years.  SVCAA Edwards agreed and stated that he hopes that chairs and Deans would work on moving other people up to rectify this situation.


Miller asked if a bargaining unit would simplify the salary process or make it worse.  SVCAA Edwards stated that it makes some issues harder and some easier.  Scheideler noted that across the board increases could help faculty morale and lessen in-fighting between faculty members.  She pointed out that a bargaining unit lets the faculty be more in control of what the average salary increase is going to be with less money in the control of administration.  She noted that UNO and UNK have recently done better in negotiating salary increases than UNL.  She stated that if the salary statistics indicate that the average salary member receives considerably less than the 6.3% suggested increase, there could be discussions on campus to become a bargaining unit.  Miller noted that the Board of Regents has pushed for merit increases.  Scheideler stated that UNO and UNK have also been pressured to conform to merit increases but that the Board did not pressure them to do so when they negotiated the salary increases.  SVCAA Edwards noted that there are two pressures for the merit increases; one is from the Board of Regents and the other is from faculty who feel they have not been justly rewarded for their work.  Bryant stated that an email message would be sent to the Senators asking them to gather information from their constituents regarding the salary increases.


                3.5                Issues on the Horizon - Changes in Administration Staffing

SVCAA Edwards stated that some changes are being considered as a result of recruiting and admissions programs.  He noted that the position of Undergraduate Dean is being considered to oversee those programs and students who do not fall into any particular college.


4.0          Vice Chancellor Owens

                4.1                Update on Searches

VC Owens reported that Elbert Dickey has been named as Dean of Cooperative Extension.  He noted that Dickey received very strong support, especially throughout Cooperative Extension.


VC Owens stated that Dean Marjorie Kostelnik will head the CASNR Dean Search Committee.  He stated that a complete list of the committee would be sent to the Academic Senate office.


VC Owens stated that a search would be conducted to replace Associate VC McBreen.  He noted that he is unsure of the size of the committee at this time but that he would like it to be a diverse group of people.  He stated that an Interim Associate Vice Chancellor would need to be found.  He noted that he would need a detail person, preferably with administrative experience, who would be on campus for the bulk of the time. 


Scheideler suggested that there should be a standard procedure in IANR for hiring an interim administrator.  She pointed out that the recent internal search in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences would be a good example to follow.  Bryant stated that while the institution has typically used a selective process in the past when filling these interim administrative system, it needs to be revised to an open process.  He noted that this could be an incentive for faculty to broaden their careers.  He suggested that the Senate should consider passing a resolution dealing with these kind of internal searches.


                4.2                Changes in Administration Staffing

                See 4.1 discussion.


                4.3                Issues on the Horizon - Mall Repaving

VC Owens reported that the east campus mall would be closed for a period of time due to construction work.  He noted that the project would not be completed until sometime in the fall. 


5.0          Approval of 5/30/01 and 6/13/01 Minutes

Miller moved and Siekman seconded approval of the minutes as amended.  Motion approved.

Siekman moved and Logan-Peters seconded approval of the minutes as amended.  Motion approved.


6.0                Unfinished Business

                No unfinished business was discussed.



7.0          New Business

                7.1                Meeting with ASUN on Parking Issues

Bryant reported that ASUN President Nathan Firth would like to have a discussion with the committee to discuss ways to improve surface parking.  The committee agreed to meet with ASUN.


                7.2                Presentation by New Student Orientation Participants

Bryant suggested that the students involved in the New Student Orientation program should be invited to give a brief presentation on what they do for incoming students to the Senate in September.  The committee agreed that this should be done.


                7.3                Installation of Chancellor Perlman

Bryant stated that the installation of Harvey Perlman as Chancellor would be held on August 23rd.  He noted that he and Miller are being videotaped and that this, along with other speeches, would be part of the installation proceedings.  Miller stated that the Executive Committee members should be included in the procession. 


The meeting was adjourned at 4:29 p.m.  The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be held on Wednesday, July 11th at 2:30 p.m. in the Academic Senate Office, 420 University Terrace.  Respectfully submitted, Karen Griffin and James King.