Libraries Committee

2023-2024 MEMBERS

Madison Sides, GSA May 2024
Shivani Mudhelli, ASUN August 2024
ASUN August 2024
Jennifer Auchtung, Food, Science & Technology August 2025
Barry Cheung, Chemistry August 2024
Dana Fritz, Art, Art History & Design August 2026
Yalem Teshome, CASNR -
TBA, Graduate College -
Adrian Wisnicki, College of Arts & Sciences -
Laurie Thomas Lee, College of Journalism & Mass Communications -
TBD, College of Architecture -
Florin Bobaru, College of Engineering -
Wendy Katz, Hixon Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts -
Arthur Allen, College of Business Administration -
Deryl Hatch-Tocaimaza, College of Education & Human Sciences -
Rich Leiter, College of Law -
Claire Stewart, University Libraries cont.


The Libraries Committee shall consist of the following 18 members:

(a) Three (3) faculty members appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate;

(b) one faculty representative to be chosen by each of the nine undergraduate colleges, and the Graduate College;

(c) three (3) student members, including at least one graduate student, selected by ASUN;

(d) the Dean of Libraries or designee; and

(e) the Director of the Law Library.


Faculty members appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate shall serve staggered three year terms with one member being appointed each year. Other faculty or student member shall serve on appointment or election by their College or the ASUN, after notice from the Committee on Committees of a need for selection of representatives. The term of office begins with the academic year.


 (1) The Libraries Committee shall advise and make recommendations on all the matters pertinent to the research and general service functions of the libraries, including allocation of funds for the increase of library holdings.

(2) The Libraries Committee shall serve as a conduit for suggestions from faculty and students for the improvement of the libraries.

(3) The Libraries Committee shall report to the Faculty Senate annually.


The Committee shall file in the Faculty Senate Office (a) minutes of its meetings, and (b) a current statement of operating procedures and guidelines adopted by the committee itself. For more information on this committee and general Faculty Senate rules governing its operations, see the Preface.