Teaching Council

2019-2020 MEMBERS

Robert Hall, GSA robert.hall@huskers.unl.edu August 2019
Moriah Locklear, GSA locklear.moriah@gmail.com August 2019
Madison Kraus, ASUN madisonkraus04@gmail.com August 2019
ASUN August 2019
Theresa Catalano, Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education tcatalano2@unl.edu August 2020
Drew Tyre, School of Natural Resources atyre2@unl.edu August 2021
Tammie Fischer, Economic Education tammie.fischer@unl.edu August 2021
Lorna Dawes, University Libraries ldawes2@unl.edu August 2021
Jason Kautz, Chemistry (Dean's Appointment) (CHAIR) jkautz2@unl.edu August 2021
Brandon Nutting, Journalism & Mass Communications (Dean's Appointment) brandon.nutting@unl.edu August 2021
Beverley Rilett, English brilett2@unl.edu August 2022
Erin Bauer, Entomology ebauer2@unl.edu August 2022
Judy Walker, Associate VC for Faculty and Academic Affairs, and Designee of Executive Vice Chancellor judy.walker@unl.edu cont.
Tim Carr, Associate VC and Dean of Graduate Education tcarr2@unl.edu cont.


The Teaching Council shall consist of the Executive Vice Chancellor (or designee), the Dean of Graduate Education, two members chosen by the collegiate deans, six faculty members appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate and four students, including at least one graduate student, appointed by ASUN. The Chair of the Teaching Council shall be one of the appointed faculty members. Members shall be chosen in such a manner as to represent the spectrum of instructional programs at UNL as widely as possible, and no more than three members may be persons who hold administrative positions of department chairperson or higher. Terms of faculty members shall be three years.


The Council shall have major responsibility for the encouragement and support of efforts to improve instruction and learning at all levels at UNL. Funds appropriated specifically for improvement of instruction and learning and made available to the Council by the Chancellor shall be expended with the advice of the Teaching Council.

To fulfill its mission, the Teaching Council will assist in the selection of recipients of campus teaching awards including the Sorenson, OTICA, UDTA, and the ADT; it will participate in the review of and nomination for Teaching and Learning seed grants; it will support and promote initiatives to enhance the quality of instruction at UNL, such as the Century Club; and it will interface and collaborate with other campus bodies, such as the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, to nurture teaching excellence across the campus.

*Source: UNL Bylaws, Section 1.9.9