Tech Research Reports 2006-Rice

2006 Tech Research Reports
Nancy Rice

Ralston High School

E-Mail: The "e" is for Education

I want to continue to use Ralston High School's e-mail system as a writing tool and a reading tool in my classes. I believe that e-mail can teach students important lessons in Audience, Voice, Sentence Fluency and Organization. All of my students are required to have a First Class account. All of my classes have First Class conferences where I post assignments and supplemental information. This work is my research project with NeWP.

These links are screen shots of e-mail communication between students, their teacher and sometimes their parents.

e-mail: the "e" is for Education
First Class Conferences
American Lit Graded feedback
American Lit Assignment
American Literature Discussion
American Literature Posted to Conference
American Literature Red Badge of Courage
Composition Assignment
Composition Parent Information
Composition Student Response
Contemporary Literature Student Response
English Assignment Posted to Conference
Photojournalism Assignment Feedback
Photojournalism Conference
Photojournalism Student Response
Photojournalism Assignment