Graduate Programs

Nebraska Writing Project/UNL Graduate Programs

The Nebraska Writing Project institutes can provide the core of several University of Nebraska Graduate programs. Combinations of NeWP institutes will fulfill the requirements for: Masters of English with a Concentration in Teaching, Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing, Doctorate in English with specialty in Composition and Rhetoric, Minor in English supporting Masters and Doctorate in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education, and NeWP Courses.

To apply for graduate programs in English, visit the Department of English website. To apply for graduate programs in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education, please visit the TLTE website.

Masters of English with a Concentration in Teaching

            Many Nebraska Writing Project teacher consultants use their coursework in the Summer Institute and Advanced Institutes to fulfill the required component of the Masters of English with a Concentration in Teaching. The most popular route to this degree is to take Option I: 24 hours of coursework plus a 6 hour Masters Thesis.  A typical package thus would be:

For the required courses in the program ost NeWP teacher consultants accumulate 12-18 hours in these NeWP institutes, so meeting the 9 hour requirement is simple:

One course in the Teaching of Writing:
           957B Nebraska Writing Project Summer Institute (6 hours)
One course in Research on Teaching:
           895A Nebraska Writing Project Internship (3 hours); 857B Nebraska Writing Project Advanced Institute (3 hours)
One course in the Teaching of Literature:
           991 Nebraska Literature Project (3 hours); 992 Nebraska Humanities Project (3 hours)
           The other hours to get to the 24 required are electives, chosen from the full range of English department courses (or courses in other departments approved by your faculty advisor).  Most teacher consultants also take English 990 Introduction to Research and Scholarship in English for 3 hours.
            The last requirement is the 6 hour Masters thesis, an article-length 35-page paper developing an original idea for an audience of other teachers and scholars in English.  This thesis is written under the guidance of a faculty advisor in English (most frequently one of the professors who work with Nebraska Writing Project).   NeWP Director Robert Brooke can help you select the right faculty advisor and the right reader for your particular thesis.   Many NeWP teacher consultants model their thesis on the National Writing Project series “NWP at Work,” a series that reports on teacher-research at NWP sites across the country.  The series is available online at the National Writing Project website at  (NWP also offers yearly Professional Writing Retreats in exotic places like Sante Fe. Several Nebraska WP teacher consultants have participated in these retreats while writing their Masters theses.)