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Nebraska Writing Project offers programs for administrators, individual schools, and school districts.

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The effectiveness of NeWP programs

Embedded Institutes

These are programs facilitated by experienced NeWP teacher-consultants that take place at school sites during the academic year. They are programs that are offered for teachers at all grade levels in all content areas. Programs can be tailored to the needs of school districts and/or buildings.

In-service Programs

NeWP teacher-consultants can facilitate a variety of flexible in-service and professional development programs related to myriad aspects of writing instruction.

Case Studies/Model Programs

NeWP programs have a proven track record of positively affecting teachers and the writing performance of students at all grade levels. There are several case studies as well as information about model programs in Nebraska schools.

Administrator Award

NeWP strives to work with school administrators to foster the improvement of writing instruction in Nebraska’s schools. Each year, we recognize those administrators who support their teachers and students through NeWP programs.

Teachers at an Embedded Institute
Ted Kooser and teachers at an Embedded Institute
Teacher Writers conference