Administrative Achievement Award 2008

2008 Administrator Certificate of Recognition Awarded to Anne Schmit

(Transcript of presentation speech by Robert Brooke, NeWP Director)

Anne Schmit Award
Pictured left to right: Royce Norman, Board of Governors Chair; Anne Schmit; Dr. Michael Chipps, President of Mid-Plains Community College; Marilyn McGahan, Vice President, North Platte Community College

We recognize Anne Schmit's support for the Nebraska Writing Project through her work with Mid Plains Community College in North Platte. Anne was primarily responsible for bringing the 2007 Rural Institute to North Platte. She worked tirelessly behind the scenes to convince her college president to host the institute. She helped advertise the institute in the schools and communities around North Platte. And she participated fully in the institute, both during the summer and during the fall follow-up sessions. Without her efforts Nebraska Writing Project would not have been able to offer this program in the North Platte area.

Anne Schmit was nominated for the 2008 Administrator Certificate of recognition by Co-Directors Sharon Bishop and Amy Wilson. Both Co-Directors applaud Anne for her stellar work bringing NeWP's Rural Institute Program to North Platte. Amy Wilson writes: "The Rural Writing Institute that took place in North Platte last summer would never have happened had it not been for the incredible efforts of Anne Schmit," noting that Anne was "the perfect host." Sharon Bishop concurs, pointing out "Whenever we discussed a possible site for a field trip, Anne would disappear for a few minutes and then stride into the room and announce that she "knew someone who could get us in right away--and at a discount!" She brought in local authors and speakers to enhance our study of that local place and Anne was our guide to the local history and the little restaurants and the bookstores (and bars) - and even called a friend at the clinic to get me a late-afternoon appointment with her doctor!" Nebraska Writing Project's Rural Institute program always succeeds when a community liaison does the kind of work Anne Schmit does. We are pleased to have had her guidance this past summer, hopeful that we'll have the chance to work with her again, and proud to honor her with the 2008 Administer Certificate of Recognition.