2018 Administrator Recognition Certificate

2018 award recipient Bill Dimon with nominator Lauren Funk and director Robert Brooke
Bill Dimon with nominator Lauren Funk and director Robert Brooke

Presented to Bill DimonEnglish Department Chair, Lincoln East High School

The 2018 Nebraska Writing Project Administrator Certificate of Recognition goes to Bill Dimon, English Department Chair at Lincoln East High School. Since 2011, when he first participated in a NeWP Summer Institute, Bill has been an engaged leader in NeWP programs. His nominator, NeWP Co-Director Lauren Funk, explains the impact of his leadership on his department at East High, and increasingly in the whole Lincoln district:

It is with great enthusiasm that I nominate my department chair, Bill Dimon. I have known Bill since our work together in the NEWP Literature Institute in 2014. I have had the privilege to collaborate with Bill for several Nebraska Writing Project opportunities, as well as be a member of his English Department at Lincoln East High School.

Bill is devoted to ensuring that every student at East experiences vertical alignment in writing curriculum, and is a champion of student choice in their learning. Because of Bill's tireless efforts, this student-centered philosophy provides students with greater opportunities to explore their interests and, through their writing, become more thoughtful, global citizens. It also allows the members of our department to be teacher-experts in a niche they are passionate about.

One of Bill's top priorities is creating unity in our department. This has become especially evident in his monumental efforts to implement the National Writing Project's C3WP into our ninth and tenth grade classes this year, and now throughout our entire department moving forward. His advocacy for students and our department at building and district level has allowed East High School to have a strong presence at the forefront of C3WP in our district.

As a department chair, Bill's first question is always, "What is best for our students? What is best for our department?" Even if it requires a major undertaking on Bill's part, he will never say no if it means better, more meaningful learning opportunities for students and chances for his department members to grow or shine. He understands the importance of celebrating the success of our students and department, as well as advocacy in the things that matter to his colleagues.

Finally, Bill's active presence in Nebraska Writing Project endeavors make him a natural and worthy candidate for this award. In addition to being a member of the Advisory Board, he has also facilitated our Activist Institute and Leadership Institute. The partnership that Bill has created between our department and the Nebraska Writing Project has given our teachers an avenue to become the best teachers they can be.

As Lauren' letter makes clear, Bill Dimon has pushed for NeWP involvement at his school and in the district, as a means of enhancing the professionalism of teachers and the experiences of students.

Please join me in honoring Bill Dimon with the 2018 Nebraska Writing Project Certificate of Recognition.

Dr. Robert Brooke
Director, Nebraska Writing Project
May 4, 2018