Call for Applications 2017: Nebraska Writing Project Co-Director

Applications accepted starting March 2017

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The Nebraska Writing Project seeks a Co-Director to serve a four year term, beginning at the summer Advisory Board Retreat July 10-11. Appointment decisions will be made by the Director, after gathering advice from the NeWP Leadership Team.

Co-Directors advise the director in setting priorities for Nebraska Writing Project (NeWP) activities and support the NeWP director in initiating and overseeing all aspects of the Nebraska Writing Project, including the following:

  • budget
  • institutes
  • inservice offerings
  • continuity programs
  • teacher research
  • partnerships with Nebraska education institutions and community programs.

Co-directors may also initiate new NeWP programs, oversee existing programs, and secure grants to support and develop NeWP programs.

One co-director leaves the leadership team on a rotating basis at the end of each year. Applications for this position are made to the director. The director chooses incoming co-director after consultation with current co-directors. While the needs of NeWP at a given time are the priority, an effort is made to have the five co-directors represent the diversity of Nebraska's schools along grade level and geographic lines. Co-directors are experienced teachers in the NeWP network, have established their commitment to NeWP, and demonstrated leadership skills by serving on the NeWP advisory board or in other NeWP programs.

Co-director terms begin and end at summer board retreat, and the appointment is four years. Codirectors attend monthly meetings and collaborate with director to plan winter and summer board retreats. Funds may be available for travel to NWP events and conferences.

To apply:

  1. Email a brief (one page maximum) letter to:
    Robert Brooke, NeWP Director,
  2. Indicate in your message any particular experience or ideas you would bring to this position. Please indicate as well, your experience with the NeWP network through programs such as Summer and Rural Institutes, mini-grants and reading/writing groups, Leadership Board, teacher-research team work, etc.
  3. If you think the Director and Co-Directors may not already know your relevant background and experience, you may attach a short resume or vita.
  4. NeWP will begin accepting applications March 1, and continue until a suitable candidate is found.