Never Stop Asking Questions
Never Stop Asking Questions

The Department of Philosophy

The world runs on ideas, which inform our decisions, passions, and actions, so they’d better be founded in reason.

At the Department of Philosophy, we teach students to analyze critically, to argue cogently, to write persuasively, to communicate clearly, and to solve problems creatively.

Our faculty members challenge students to answer humanity’s biggest questions and inspire them to contribute to world-renowned research projects on important subjects. They range from the nature of reasoning to the foundations of ethics.

In an innovative, collaborative environment, we prepare our students to be versatile, self-motivated, professionals. Our graduates go on to thrive in law, medicine, academia, and business — anything that requires a well-rounded critical thinker.

If you’re ready to tackle hard questions, hone reasoning skills, and develop new ideas, let your curiosity move you.

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