We teach students to analyze critically, to argue cogently, to write persuasively, to communicate clearly, and to solve problems creatively.

In an innovative, collaborative environment, our students form lifelong connections with each other, and with our expert, personable faculty. They gain guidance, both formally and informally, through mentorships and professional advisors. Their passions are stirred by national speakers and through lively debate — including in the national Ethics Bowl.

Our faculty members challenge undergraduate majors and minors to answer humanity’s biggest questions. They inspire graduate students to contribute to world-renowned research programs on topics ranging from the nature of reasoning to the foundations of ethics.

We prepare our students to be versatile, self-motivated professionals. Our graduates go on to fulfilling careers in law, medicine, academia, and business — anything that requires a well-rounded education and critical thinking.

Let curiosity move you through the Department of Philosophy.

Department Statement and Commitment to Anti-Racist Action

June 15, 2020

As a department, we stand with the American Philosophical Association in its opposition to racist violence and police brutality. Furthermore, we endorse their efforts to enhance discussions of racism in the philosophy classroom.