Alumni Stories
Alumni Stories

Your curiosity is a gift that’s led to your unique skills and experiences. It’s shaped who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going… it’s your life’s story. Your curiosity contributed to your success.

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Katie Czapanskiy

Philosophy, Political Science
Katie Czapanskiy graduated from Marquette University Law School, where she was named the Wisconsin Bar Association's Public Interest Law Student of the Year, and is now an attorney at Human Rights First. "I'm a two-time Public Interest Law Society Fellow and President of the Public Interest Law Society. Through events I participated in at Nebraska, I knew I wanted to use my law degree to assist underserved and at-risk communities. I loved the Big Event and other philanthropic events I participated in with Phi Sigma Pi. The opportunities I had at Nebraska gave me the necessary skills and character traits to be a successful and happy law student."

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