The Philosophy Club meets each Monday from 6:30 pm to 7:30pm in LPH 308 (unless by Zoom, as noted below).  Email for the Zoom link.

For more information, contact Philosophy Club President Crystal Seet by email at:, or visit the Philosophy Club NvolveU page.

Philosophy Club Discussion Schedule Spring 2022
January 24th (Zoom) Drug Use: Pros and Cons
January 31st (Zoom) Is Entertainment a Waste of Time?
February 7th (Zoom) Philosophers Chat: Philosophy of Gender with Ryan Turner
February 14th Philosophers Chat: Loving and Knowing with Trevor Adams
February 21st Philosophers Chat: Friendship with Janelle Gormley
February 28th Philosophers Chat: Should We Follow the Law? With Dr. John Brunero
March 7th Philosophers Chat: Why Should We Tell the Truth? with Dr. Quinn White
March 21st Philosophers Chat: The Ethics of Social Media with Vileru
March 28th Philosophers Chat: Epistemic Norms with Dr. David Henderson
April 4th (Zoom) The Sentience of Lobsters
April 11th (Zoom) Can Fungi make Decisions? Action, Intention, and Agency
April 18th Philosophers Chat: Collective Responsibility with Dr. Adam Thompson
April 25th (Zoom) Philosophy Club Committee Election