The Philosophy Club meets each Wednesday from 3:00 - 5:00 pm in Louise Pound Hall room 312. 

For more information, contact Philosophy Club President Gillian Allison by email at:, or visit the Philosophy Club NvolveU page.

Philosophy Club Discussion Schedule Spring 2020
January 22nd Spying: Deceit, Espionage, and Eavesdropping
January 29th Inequality: What Disparities Exist and Why?
February 5th Teleology: Future Predicated on Purpose
February 12th Socially Constructed Borders: Can We Cage Children?
February 19th Consumerism: Excess and Starvation
February 26th The Primary Purpose of Prisons: Retribution or Rehabilitation?
March 4th Time: Past, Present, Future
March 11th Political Violence: War, Protest, and Revolution
March 18th The Aesthetics of Authoritarianism
April 1st Is Lying Ever Morally Permissible?
April 8th State Surveillance: Violation of Privacy or for the Greater Good
April 15th Who is John Doe: Reference and Meaning in Language
April 22nd Ethics of Testing and Competition