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Associate Professor Philosophy (402) 472-2425 315Q Louise Pound Hall

Curriculum Vitae

Area of specialization:
Ancient philosophy

 Areas of competence:
Medieval philosophy, logic

Greek, Latin, French, German

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. August 1993 to present

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. August 1987 to July 1992

Research assistant to the project of translating the ancient commentaries on Aristotle, under Professor Richard Sorabji, King's College London. September 1986 to June 1987

Publications and research:
'Complex property structure in Plato's Philebus'. Ancient philosophy 22 (2002) 263-276.
'Aristotle, Metaphysics 6.2-3, and determinism'. Ancient Philosophy 13 (1993) 341-354.
'Dunamis in Metaphysics 9'. Apeiron 35 #1 (March 1992) 1-26.
'Chrysippus's response to Diodorus's master argument'. History and Philosophy of Logic 13 (1992) 133-148.
'Hobbes' contractarian account of individual responsibility for group actions'. Journal of Value Inquiry 27 (1993) 455-464.
'Sophists', 'Cynics', 'Cyrenaics'. Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy.
Review of Philoponus and Simplicius, Place, void, and eternity. Philosophical Review 102 (1993) 89-90.
Review of Notes on Aristotle's Metaphysics eta and theta. Philosophical Review 99 (1990) 292-293.
Review of Michael J. White, Agency and integrality. Philosophical Review 96 (1987) 599-601.
Review of William T. Parry and Edward A. Hacker, Aristotelian logic. History and Philosophy of Logic 14 (1993) 248-249.

Submitted and in progress
'The argument of Proclus's Elements of Theology proposition 1'
'Forms and knowledge in Plato'
'What are universals?'
Professor Ide is also working on a translation and commentary of Proclus's Elements of Theology.

'Metaphysics 6.2-3, coincidences, and determinism', American Philosophical Association Central Division meeting, New Orleans, April 1990.

Possibility and potentiality from Aristotle through the Stoics. (Terence Irwin, Gale Fine, Norman Kretzmann).

Courses taught:
Undergraduate Courses
Introduction to philosophy
Elementary logic
History of philosophy (ancient)
Hellenistic philosophy
Medieval philosophy
Later classical, and medieval, ethics
Later classical, and medieval, metaphysics
Later classical, and medieval, theories of knowledge
Philosophy of biology

Graduate Courses
Classical philosophy
Classical and medieval theories of properties
Universals in classical and medieval philosophy
Plato's Philebus
Aristotle on modalities
Hellenistic philosophy
Alexander of Aphrodisias
Proclus's Elements of Theology
Thomas Aquinas's Five Ways


Cornell University, Ithaca, New York: September 1983-May 1987 (registered in absentia September 1986-May 1987). M.A., May 1986; Ph.D., January 1988.

King's College, London: September 1986-June 1987.

Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: January 1981-May 1983. B.A., philosophy (with honors).

Philadelphia College of Bible, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: September 1975-December 1977.