UNL Philosophy is well-represented at the 2023 APA Central Division Meeting

Photo Credit: APA graphic
by Jennifer McKitrick February 21, 2023

The American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting will be taking place from February 22 to the 25th, 2023. Five UNL philosophers are on the program. Professor John Brunero will be commenting on Troy Seagraves' paper "A Significant Moral Permissivism." Associate Professor Aaron Bronfman will be a commentator in the session "Bayes is Back." UNL PhD and Lecturer Adam Thompson is co-organizing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and the Undergraduate Research Poster Session. UNL PhD Christopher Stratman will present his paper "Mereological Phenomenal Intentionality." Graduate Student Talhah Mustafa will be presenting his paper "Racial Powers."