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The undergraduate literary journal of UNL, supported by the English Department and the University of Nebraska Foundation, Laurus publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual artwork created exclusively by UNL undergraduates. The annual issue is published in the spring.

Spring 2017 Issue of Laurus

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Laurus 2017 cover art - 'Recovery' by Hannah Klemme
Cover art: "Recovery" by Hannah Klemme

List of contributors:

Carly Birman
Dani Bischoff
Kari Brynjulson
Tayden Bundy
Keith Buswell
Nicholas Castner
Isabella Catalano
Thalia Chapelle
Lane Chasek
Angela Ching
Kelsey Conrad
Madison Eckstrom
Megan Eckstrom
John Ficenec
Lindsey Hand
Ashleigh Herrera
Cassandra Kernick
Hannah Klemme
Erika Larson
Meghan Leadabrand
Brenna McManus
Olivia Miller
Matt Miner
Sara Mosier
Connor Rodenbaugh
Araya Santo
Mattie Sawle
Faith Thomas
Olivia Versaw
Kyra Werner
Katrina Zeleski

Editors 2016-17

Student Editors

Lori Nevole (president)
Evan Pille (primary programmer)
Alexa Horn (treasurer)
Kayla Punt
Aly Holmes
Katie Gurtis
Michaela Luckey
Zoryana Stepanyuk
Mikayla Kolander
Austin Buchanan
Kylie Ballentine
Talitha Greaver

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Michael Page

To contact the editors about questions or queries, email

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Laurus Award winners!


First Place: Lane Chasek, "The New New Age"
Second Place (tie): Cassandra Kernick, "I am Runza Rex" and Lindsey Hand, "Rodent Girl"
Third Place: Lindsey Hand, "7-2-16"


First Place: Faith Thomas, "Excavation"
Second Place: Megan Ekstrom, "Nebraska Gothic Vignettes"
Third Place: Olivia Miller, "Unspoken"


First Place: Keith Buswell,  "Masculinity in the Microscopic Cosmos"
Second Place: Connor Rodenbaugh, "Rex"

Note: These poetry and prose awards were selected by committees of graduate students and instructors.


Laurus is the undergraduate literary journal of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, supported by the English Department and the University of Nebraska Foundation. Laurus is a registered student organization at UNL. Laurus publishes fiction, poetry, non-fiction and visual artwork created exclusively by UNL undergraduates. The annual issue is published in the spring.

Laurus was founded in 1983. The 2015 publication will be the 22nd edition. Over the years, Laurus has published early work by such notable writers as Timothy Schaffert (1990), Amil Quayle (1987, 1989), Amy Knox Brown (1987, 1989), James Cihlar (1989), Erin Flanagan (1994), Rainbow Rowell (1996), and Danielle Luther-Luebbe (2005). Schaffert was also an editor in 1991, as was Pulitizer Prize finalist Lee Martin in 1992. Faculty advisors over the years have included James Roberts, Marcia Southwick, Judith Slater, Anthony Hawley, John Chavez and John Schulze, and Michael Page.

Recently retired Professor of Poetry Greg Kuzma had the longest tenure as faculty advisor, through much of the 1990s and 2000s. Greg writes, “My work with Laurus was the most important service work I did for UNL. During the years I was advisor Laurus became entirely an undergraduate literary and fine arts magazine, printing only undergrads and edited by undergrads. I had no hand in the choices selected to publish, although I did do a lot of the proofreading. We worked hard to print full color covers, gained funding from the Art Department to support cover art and inside art, and reached out across campus to try to become a campus wide magazine. We published literary criticism, stories and poems, plays, panel discussions, essays on science and sociology, book and film reviews. For many years Laurus was the most exciting thing I did at UNL.” Through Greg’s efforts, Laurus has become an important institution within the UNL English Department.

If you would like to purchase the 2016 issue of Laurus, copies are available at the English Department office and at the University Bookstore and other area bookstores. To order past issues, e-mail Michael Page at