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Associate Professor of English

Selected Publications and Projects


Proofs of Genius: Collected Editions from the American Revolution to the Digital Age, University of Michigan Press, 2015

Electronic Projects

Scholarly Editing: The Annual of the Association for Documentary Editing (co-edited with Andrew Jewell)

The Tar Baby and the Tomahawk: Race and Ethnic Images in American Children's Literature, 1880-1939 (co-edited with Gerald Early and D.B. Dowd)


“Hypatia Redux,” Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly 42.4 (2019, published 2020), 737-751

“Protest, Resistance, and Civic Engagement: Some Hard-Learned Advice for Faculty and Administrators Facing Gun Deregulation,” Campus Carry: A Loaded Issue, ed. Patricia Somers and Matt Valentine (Harvard Education Press, 2020), 49-70

“Popular Poetry and the Rise of Anthologies,” Blackwell Companion to American Literature, ed. Linck Johnson, et al (Wiley Blackwell 2020), 133-147

“Left to Themselves They Tell Lies,” Dear America, ed. Simmons Buntin, et al (Terrain Publishing and Trinity University Press, 2020), 139-142

“The Racial Politics of US Gun Policy,” The Ethics of Policing and Imprisonment, ed. Molly Gardner and Michael Weber (Palgrave, 2018), 151-168

“Teaching Attentive Reading and Motivated Writing through Digital Editing,” CEA Critic 76.3 (Spring/Summer 2014), 191-199

"Cold War Legacies in Digital Editing," Textual Cultures 7.1 (Spring 2012), 3-17

“Editing in the Age of Automation,” Texas Studies in Literature and Language 54.3 (Fall 2012), 340-356

“Credential Creep in the Digital Humanities” (co-authored with Dot Porter), Alternative Careers in the Digital Humanities, ed. Bethany Nowviskie, online, 2011 (, 2285 words

“Rethinking Digital Editing Practices to Better Address Noncanonical Texts,” Documentary Editing 2010 (2010), 89-100

“A Case for Heavy Editing: the Example of Race and Children’s Literature of the Gilded Age,” The American Literature Scholar in the Digital Age, eds. Amy Earhart and Andrew Jewell, University of Michigan Press, 2010, 125-144

“Walt Whitman and the King of Bohemia: The Poet in the Saturday Press,” Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 25.4 (Spring 2008), 143-166 [Reprinted in Whitman Among the Bohemians, ed. Edward Whitley and Joanna Levin, University of Iowa Press, forthcoming]

“The Publication History of Leaves of Grass,” The Blackwell Companion to Walt Whitman, ed. Donald Kummings, Blackwell, 2006, 409-438

“How Anthologists Made Dickinson into a Tolerable Woman Writer,” Emily Dickinson Journal 14.1 (Spring 2005), 62-83

Recent Popular Media Publications

“Every Atom No. 44,” North American Review, 2019 (online)

Untitled contribution, Bullets into Bells: Poets and Citizens Respond to Gun Violence, edited by Brian Clements et al, Beacon Press, 2017

“Why Americans Don’t Treat Fatal Gun Negligence as a Crime,” The New Republic (online), April 26, 2015

Recent Talks

“Where is Trauma in the Archive?” Society for Textual Scholarship, 2021

“Transgressive Editing,” Modern Language Association, Chicago, 2019

“Weaponizing White Womanhood in the Alt-Right Campus Takeover,” Women’s Studies Association, Atlanta, 2018

“Red States, Red Scares, and the Surveilled Campus,” American Studies Association, Atlanta, 2018

“How to Edit When the World is Burning,” University of Illinois, 2017 

Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents (seminar hosted by Association for Documentary Editing), Instructor, New Orleans, 2016

“Mind the Gaps,” American Literature Association Conference, San Francisco, 2016

“Teaching Digital Editing," University of London, London, England, 2015

“Archival Activism,” American Literature Association, Boston, MA, 2015

“The Politics of Editing," Indiana University, 2015

“Editing Children’s Literature," Kansas State University, 2014

“Close Reading in an Age of Text Glut,” University of Kansas, 2014

“Aggregate Archives and Digital Dump Digging,” Society for Textual Scholarship, Seattle, WA, 2014

“New Directions in Digital Editing,” University of Alabama, 2014

“Searching for Topsy,” Loyola University, Chicago, IL, 2013


President, Research Society for American Periodicals

Board Member, Society for Textual Scholarship

Former President, Digital Americanists


Ph.D. (2006), University of Nebraska

M.A. (2000), Creighton University

B.A. (1998), Phillips University