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Good teaching and good research go hand in hand.

When it comes to research and innovation, the Department of English consistently achieves a level of excellence unparalleled by most. Our groundbreaking, globally renowned undergraduate research has continually led to industry-evolving innovations.

Enrolling approximately 120 graduate students and composed of approximately 40 graduate faculty, the English Department at UNL conducts research in a multitude of areas, including Literature Studes, Film Studies, Composition and Rhetoric, Creative Writing, and Place Studies. To find out more about the work of our individual faculty members click here. The Graduate Program emphasizes interdisciplinary cultural approaches to literature, multicultural and gender studies, the retrieval and production of texts, and critical frameworks for literature and pedagogy. Many of our faculty are nationally recognized scholars; several have received national or University awards for their research excellence. Many faculty also serve as editors or on the editorial boards for national and international journals.