English majors do not really take classes; we take experiences.

Wendy Rogers UNL English major
Student reading Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl in one of Kwakiutl Dreher's classes

Most of our classes are run as small, intimate, discussion-based seminars, not large anonymous lectures. In English classes, your ideas are valued, your opinions matter. Your professor will know your name. And the experiences you undertake will be more varied than you may have imagined:

Walt Whitman · Film History · African poetry · Shakespeare · Chicano/a literature · Science fiction · Willa Cather · LGBTQ Literature and Queer Theory · Digital humanities · Native American literature · Poetry writing · Rhetorical analysis · Fiction writing · Film Criticism · Publishing and Editing · Nature writing and ecology · Sherman Alexie · Children's literature · Creative nonfiction · The Harlem Renaissance · Great Plains studies · Jane Austen · Slam poetry · German cinema · Women's and gender studies · Modern drama · Film theory

You can download a schedule and course description booklet for this semester's courses below. For a complete list of English undergraduate courses offered at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, refer to the university's Undergraduate Catalog.

The world isn’t just “out there.”

It's right here in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In the Department of English, we engage critically with a wide variety of experiences through imaginative reasoning—the ability to use the imagination to think hypothetically about the world in all its diversity—connecting the past, present, and future, the local and the global.

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Summer 2023 Projected Graduate Courses

ENGL 4/895: Young Writers Camp Internship
Stacey Waite

ENGL 854: Advanced Writing Projects
Stacey Waite

ENGL 953: Writing of Non-Fiction
Joy Castro

ENGL 957B: Nebraska Writing Project
Rachael Shah and Lauren Gatti

ENGL 992: Nebraska Humanities Project
Shari Stenberg

Fall 2023 Projected Graduate Courses

ENGL 3/880: Writing Center Theory and Practice
Rachel Azima

ENGL 4/802 Renaissance Lyric Poetry & Rhetoric
Julia Schleck

ENGL 4/810: Fictions of Deep Time
Guy Reynolds

ENGL 4/845K: Literatures of the African Continent
Ng’ang’a Mũchiri

ENGL 4/878 Archives and Editions

ENGL 852: Fiction Writing

ENGL 871: Literary Theory
Roland Végső

ENGL 892: Queer Childhood Studies
Brie Owen

ENGL 919: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the 19th Century

ENGL 957: Composition Theory and Practice

ENGL 953: Seminar in Creative Writing, Poetry
Hope Wabuke

ENGL 915: Popular Literature: Illness
Amelia Montes

ENGL 965 The Survival of the Book
Steve Behrendt

One-Credit/Low Enrollment Courses

ENGL 890: Advanced Research Skills
Liz Lorang

Spring 2024 Projected Graduate Courses

ENGL 4/802 American Poetry and Social Change
Ken Price

ENGL 4/810: Conceptual & Experimental Fiction
Chigozie Obioma

ENGL 4/865 19th Century British Literature
Laura White

ENGL 4/875A: Rhetoric of Women Writers
Shari Stenberg

ENGL 4/877: Advanced Topics in DH
Steve Ramsay

ENGL 853: Writing of Poetry
Hope Wabuke

ENGL 892: Literature and Psychology

ENGL 914: Women in Print: Women's Authorship from the 17th–19th Century
Melissa Homestead

ENGL 918: Literature and Embodiment
Pete Capuano

ENGL 945: Postcolonial Literature
Kwame Dawes

ENGL 953 Seminar in Creative Writing Fiction
Jonis Agee

ENGL 971: Literary Theory
Roland Végső

ENGL 976: Queer Rhetorics/Queer Pedagogies
Stacey Waite

One-Credit/Low Enrollment Courses

ENGL 893: Comps to Dissertation
Stacey Waite

ENGL 993: Placement
Brie Owen

ENGL 895: Writing Center Internship
Rachel Azima