English majors do not really take classes; we take experiences.Wendy RogersSenior English Major

The experiences you can have as an English major are more varied than you might have imagined:

Walt Whitman  |  Film History  |  African poetry  |  Shakespeare  |  Chicano/a literature  |  Science fiction  |  Willa Cather  |  Irish literature  |  Native American fiction  |  Jewish-American short stories  |  Digital humanities  |  Poetry writing  |  Sandra Cisneros  |  Rhetorical analysis  |  Fiction writing  |  Film Criticism  |  Publishing and Editing  |  Nature writing and ecology  |  Jane Austen  |  Sherman Alexie  |  The Harlem Renaissance  |  Great Plains studies  |  Slam poetry  |  German cinema  |  Gay and lesbian literature  |  Women's and gender studies  |  Modern drama  |  Film theory  |  Creative nonfiction

Most of our classes are run as small, intimate, discussion-based seminars, not large anonymous lectures. In English classes, your ideas are valued, your opinions matter. Your professor will know your name.

You can download a schedule and course description booklet for this semester's courses below, or browse a select list of courses for undergraduates. For a complete list of English undergraduate courses, please refer to the list in the Undergraduate Catalog.

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